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Review: Wrightsock

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Several months ago, I won a pair of running socks online. They were Wrightsocks. I’d never heard of them, but the blogger had purchased a pair to give away because she loved them so much.

She had developed really painful blisters when she started walking to lose weight. The folks at her local running store recommended Wrightsock because of their double-layer, anti-blister system. She was skeptical that a sock could really make that much difference, but she was soon sold – enough that she bought a pair to share the love.

I was the lucky winner!

My Wrightsock running socks quickly became my favorite pair of socks for running. I saved them for my long runs and races since I just had the one pair. The sweat-wicking inner layer pulls moisture away from the feet, while the friction gets absorbed between the inner and outer layers, rather than a single layer and your foot.

They were the perfect socks for races – until it got cold. If you run, you know that running shoes are designed to allow for air flow, not for keeping your feet warm. I realized that very quickly when half-marathon day dawned icy cold. It was only 29 degrees when we reached the starting area. It took only minutes before my feet were frozen.


See that white stuff on the ground? Um, yeah, that’s frost.

Luckily, they warmed up by mile two, but it was not fun running on frozen feet until they warmed up. It was the following week that I read an article about keeping warm on winter runs. One thing the article mentioned was cold-weather socks.

I never knew there were specific socks for running in cold weather. I did a quick search and guess what came up? Wrightsock!

I knew I had to have a pair, but I couldn’t find any suppliers in my area. Knowing how much I loved my own Wrightsocks, I quickly emailed the company and asked if they would be willing to send me a pair to try.

The folks at Wrightsock have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They graciously agreed to send me two pair to try – a regular pair of cold-weather socks and a trail running pair.

The first time I wore either pair of the socks was just around the house. My feet were freezing one day and I decided I’d try out the trail socks. Honestly, I could tell a huge difference as soon as I put them on. They were wonderful! The inner layer is 70% moisture-wicking polyester, but the outer layer is 72% wool. So warm!

I’ve worn the running socks in two different races now. The first race wasn’t nearly as cold as the half-marathon, but it was still in the lower forties that morning. The second race was hovering right around the freezing mark. My Wrightsock cold-weather socks made a world of difference.

My feet weren’t cold at all…and you know that when your feet are warm, your body seems to stay warmer. It was cold, but I wasn’t shivering uncontrollably that morning like I was the day of the half, nor was I too hot once the race got underway.

Wrightsock cold-weather socks provide the perfect blend of warmth, breathability, and moisture-wicking. I love them!

I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details.

Do or do not. There is no try.


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