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Review: Yurbuds

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You know what I learned on my very first 5K? That I needed a pair of earbuds that wouldn’t fall out of my ears when I ran. I tried several pair. The earbuds that came with my iPod were out – I can’t keep them in my ears when I’m cleaning house, much less running.

I tried the kind that loop over your ears. They were definitely better, but they were a pain to take out if something said something to you and I’d still find them slipping out of my ears after running awhile.

Then, I heard about yurbuds. Yurbuds are sport earphones designed by a triathlete for athletes and they’re guaranteed not to fall out.

Now, we’re talking!

I contacted the great folks at yurbuds and they graciously sent two pair of yurbuds – a pair for me to try and a pair for my husband. We love them!

I, not surprisingly, have used them primarily for running. Brian has used them mostly when he lifts weights and rides his bike.

I’ve run two races since receiving my yurbuds. I wore them when I ran my first 10K and on my most recent 5K. Both of these races were in June. If you know anything about the South in summer, you know that these runs were hot. Granted, we were blessed with overcast days for both races, so it wasn’t as hot as it could have been, but it was still pretty toasty.

Despite hot, sweaty runs (including my first-ever 8-mile training run last Sunday), the yurbuds have stayed firmly planted in my ears thanks to their “twist-lock” design. Yurbuds are designed to fit ergonomically inside the ear. You place the “horn” of the earpiece in your ear at an angle, then twist slightly to lock it in place.


The soft outer piece of the yurbuds, which come in two sizes, are made from medical grade silicone, so they’re safe for and comfortable in your ears. The smaller size is typically a good fit for a woman’s ear, while the larger size is generally preferred by men.

Brian has had nothing but positive things to say about yurbuds. He loves that they stay comfortably in his ears no matter what he’s doing. He likes the clear sound quality and appreciates the fact that the sound level stays constant even when he’s bending and turning to lift weights.

Even on a sweaty bike ride, the yurbuds stayed comfortably in place and provided consistent sound even at higher rates of speed. He appreciates the fact that yurbuds are easy to remove when someone approaches to talk to him and easy to replace afterwards.

I appreciated that fact, too. The over-the-ear loop earphones I was using were a pain to remove and replace if someone spoke to me. Because yurbuds provide good sound quality while also allowing in ambient sounds, I often don’t have to remove them at all to carry on a conversation. I just have to turn off my iPod.

This is a huge plus when waiting for a race to start because I can chat with those around me with the yurbuds in place. That means I’m not forced to choose between: A) ignoring the people around me or B) fumbling around to get my earphones back in place once a race starts.


The fact that yurbuds allow in a decent amount of ambient noise also means that I can enjoy my music while also enjoying a safer run since I can hear approaching cars, cyclists, and fellow runners.

Yurbud’s extra long cord is a great plus, too. It allows me to let the cord hang down my back, rather than in front of me so that it’s not in my way while I’m running and I’m not catching it on my hands.

The only thing I would like to see added to the yurbuds is a clip. Even though they’re soft and comfortable, I found that they did exert some pressure on my ears in my first race with them, possibly because I was wearing them with the cord behind my back and it kept moving around to my shoulder. I had to keep flipping it behind me, like an errant ponytail.

Brian took the clip off another pair of earphones I had and put it on my yurbuds. Perfect! Now, I can clip it to my collar, so the cord stays in place and there is no pressure on my ears.

We’ve both been very pleased with our yurbuds and agree that they live up to their guarantee of staying in place during vigorous activity. You can find yurbuds at many online retailers, order directly from their website, or check their website to see if there is a retail location near you.

The Ironman series earphones that we tried are available at yurbuds.com for $49.99.

Do or do not. There is no try.

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