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This has been an interesting week. On Monday, I had my first opportunity to speak for a group about my weight-loss.

One of our local Chick-Fil-A restaurants partners with the YMCA every so often to offer a Battle of the Bulge class.

Participants get free access to the Y for the duration of the 13-week program and they come to weekly meetings at Chick-Fil-A. The meetings cover a variety of health and fitness topics designed to educate attendees on healthier lifestyle options.

I participated in the program 2 years ago and got the know the Chick-Fil-A manager who organizes the program. Since my family is in CFA on a very regular basis, the manager and I have maintained contact. A few weeks ago, she asked me to speak about my weight-loss and staying motivated for their final meeting.

Although I was very nervous about speaking before a group, I was also very excited to share my experience. I told my story – and got to have my “Biggest Loser” moment when I showed the group the jeans I was wearing when I started my journey – and offered the tips that I shared here last week.

It was a lot of fun. People applauded for me when I told them how much I’d lost and when I showed them my jeans. I wasn’t expecting that, but, I confess, it was really cool.

I even had someone ask me for my autograph. I think she was just trying to find a nice way to ask me to write down a couple of websites I mentioned (Skinny Taste and My Fitness Pal), but it was still kind of cool in a slightly awkward kind of way.

I had a couple of people tell me that they were really inspired, so that’s exciting.

I was going to post some pictures of the event, but Brian took them with my camera phone and they really weren’t very good – all were either blurry or he managed to get me with some crazed expression on my face that I’m not even posting on the Internet.

In other news, we went mountain bike riding again this weekend. We tried the intermediate trail this time. I was a little scared at times, but it was fun – kind of an amusement park ride scared/fun deal. I told Brian that I might not be very good at this, but it does require some degree of skill to stay upright and not run into trees, which I managed to do, so I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

My weight is slightly up this week – about 2 pounds over where I’d like to be on the high end, so I’m working on being consistent with my workouts and watching what I’m eating. I’m hoping that I can buckle down and knock off those last “less-than-ten” pounds this summer. Last summer I managed to get 15 off, so maybe…

What have you been doing to stay fit and active?

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