Weekly Fit Check: The One with No PRs

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red applesHappy Wednesday! I hope this week is going well for you.

I am still maintaining. I honestly don’t think my weight moved at all from last week. While I would love to be making serious strides to reach my goal-weight, maintaining is definitely better than gaining.

So, no PR (personal record) on the weight-loss front and, unfortunately, no PR in my last 5K. Actually, there was something of a PR. My overall time was slower – 30:55 vs. 30:51 – but my pace time was faster according to my Garmin. I think that’s probably because of a more accurate course distance this time.

Either way, I felt like I made a good effort on my run, so I’m pleased with my time. I’m still hoping to break 30 minutes this season, though.

I missed going on a bike ride this weekend. There was a high chance of rain and it looked very much like rain was eminent, so we didn’t go – and it never did rain!

I’ve been looking at bikes. I didn’t know until just few weeks ago that there was such a thing as a duathlon – running and cycling, but no swimming. I could handle that! There’s one coming up in September that is a 5K run, 18K bike ride, and 5K run. I’d love to do that, but I’d have to get a decent road bikes.

Decent road bikes are not cheap.

I’m keeping my eyes open, though, hoping for a good deal.

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