Weekly Fit Check: Whew!

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Happy Wednesday! Is it me or is this week going by really quickly. It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday already.

I’ve been missing a lot of you lately. I hope you’re still out there, reading. I know this weight-loss thing can get hard and it’s easy to just let it fall by the wayside or just quit commenting when things aren’t going well.

Please know, though, that it is so worth persevering and that you are missed. If you’re out there and you’ve become frustrated or discouraged or ashamed, you’re not alone. It happens.

You can be a success story, though, if you just don’t quit.

So, take a moment and leave me a comment. Let me know where you are on your journey. Let me cheer you on or encourage you or give you a good kick in the pants, if that’s what you need. I miss you!

It was another week of maintaining for me and I couldn’t be happier! (Well, okay, I could be happier, if I had miraculously lost 3 or 4 pounds, but you know what I mean). With two early morning play performances last week for my youngest and a busy weekend, my workouts took a serious hit, so it felt great to see that I wasn’t showing some crazy gain when I got on the scale yesterday.

It also felt great to get back to my normal workout routine this week. My arms were a little sore yesterday from my strength-training workout, but that felt good, too – it meant that I’d worked some muscles that hadn’t been worked in awhile.

What have you been doing for your health lately?

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