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Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re taking steps to improve your health this week! It’s been a pretty good week here. I’m up a bit, according to the scale, but I’m not even worrying about it this week. I have one word for you: bloating.

Yikes! How a body can retain so much water is a 24 hour time period is beyond me. I went through three pairs of jeans trying to find a pair that I could button on Sunday…and the two rejected pair fit fine just a day or two before.

Stupid hormones!

So, that’s why I’m not even concerning myself with the fickle scale this week.

I enjoyed biking with Brian and Megan this past weekend – though Megan did do more than her fair share of complaining, which really surprised me since she had so much fun the last time we went. It was a new bike, though, so I think it took a little getting used to.

I had a great run on Monday! The weather was gorgeous and I got to run in compression shorts (as opposed to Capris) and a short sleeved shirt – no base layer, no gloves, no hat to keep my head warm. It was wonderful.

I was going to run a slower 5 miles, but the weather was so great, that I wanted to run, so I opted for a fast 3.5 miles. It felt to good to run. The weather is supposed to be just as nice this weekend for my first 5K race of the season. I can’t wait!

What have you been doing to keep fit this week?

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!

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