Weekly Fitness Update: Focusing on the Non-Scale Victories

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Well, y’all, it was another pitiful week as far as the scale was concerned. It is beginnings like this that used to make me quit before I ever got started. This time around, though, I know I can succeed.

The only difference between success and failure is quitting. I’m not quitting.

So, I’ll focus on what I did right:

Overall, I made good food choices.

I limited my desserts. Our church has small groups that meet throughout the week during the school year. They can be a huge stumbling block to good eating choices because there is always so much good food and so many desserts. I have committed to choosing no more than two desserts each week this year and having a reasonable portion.

This week someone brought hot, fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I have one word for Krispy Kreme doughnuts: Kryptonite. There was this other really yummy dessert there that I was planning on having, until the doughnuts arrived. I chose one doughnut. Brian got the other dessert – and a doughnut – so, he let me taste it, just to satisfy my curiosity.

On the way home from Life Group, Brianna texted me and asked if we wanted – are you ready for it – Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I told her that we didn’t because we’d already had some – but she bought a box for her and her siblings.

This has been sitting at my house since Sunday:


I did not eat one! Not even a crumb.

Then, Monday happened. It was a horrible day. Horrible. I started Monday night thinking I wouldn’t go running on Tuesday. I’d just sleep in and not work out. I knew I’d regret it, though. I also knew that running would make me feel better.

I woke up Tuesday morning trying to talk myself out of it…but I went anyway and I was so glad I did. Just as I knew it would, it made me feel better.

I’ve got the right attitude, which has been absent for awhile. Now, my body just needs to get on board. I’ll get there. I know I can do this.

How about you? How are you doing?

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  1. As a former anorexic who has read all the diet books out there (I kid, but I have read quite a few …) I want to encourage you that you’re on the right path. I won’t tell you to ditch the scale because I’ve found some people operate better using it, myself included. Its all about the lifestyle: is it maintainable? Something you enjoy? Etc. I’ve been at my happy weight for years now but I still have to reevaluate habits and decisions every so often. Keep on going!

  2. Good for you that you fought through your desire to skip exercising! I have done that too many times to count as of late. But this morning I just got out of bed, put on my clothes and went. It was even raining, but I did not care. Enough is enough. I have got to get back in shape. My eating is doing pretty good, it’s my lack of exercise. And I haven’t been sleeping well which, I know, is because of my lack of movement. I am committing myself to running four mornings a week. (That gives me one day, and we all have that one day, to just “skip” it when I don’t feel like it.) And I am going to concentrate on drinking more water. Keep up the good work!!! I know you can do it because I followed your last journey.

    1. I think you’re absolutely right about having the one day to skip a workout. For me, it makes me much more accountable for those other days to have one guilt-free “get out of jail free” card. Let’s do this!

  3. Ah, Kris, thank you for this! I needed the reminder to NOT QUIT, no matter what the scale & tape measure say. Right there with you, girl! Let’s keep on keeping on!

  4. Glad I have this blog to remind me I’m not the only one who struggles with life-food included. I recently turned vegan and want to get back into the low fat aspect of it.
    I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.

  5. Yay for sticking with your planned run on Tuesday, despite the horrible Monday. It’s so easy to make excuses so far ahead of time when we’re having bad days, isn’t it? Congratulations on the KK doughnut victory. We used to live near a KK store and I’ve never been more glad to move just to have that temptation further away!

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