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Happy Friday, Y’all!! How was your week? It’s been a busy one here! Did you get any fantastic Prime Day Deals? Inquiring minds want to know… what was the best deal you snagged?!! Did you know we also have a Frugal group?  Our goal is to help you save money… but not just on homeschool items, also on family items. So join the group if you would like an extra set of eyes watching for you! Black Friday is coming up soon, and we will be on the job sharing those deals too! I’ll also share any deals I run across here on this article as well. Just scroll to the bottom to find those.

homeschool resources

Did you know we also own a homeschool travel company? Yes! We own Homeschool Road Trips. It has been on hold this year because of the current situation. This weekend we are headed to a wedding down in Alabama, and we are all just excited to get out of town… even if it is only four hours away! You actually might know the wedding we are going to! If you are familiar with SKrafty, it is their oldest son Elijah getting married. All of my boys are close with the Syx family. We met them online – SKrafty has a free homeschool Minecraft server, and my boys played over there all the time when they were young. SKrafty has grown up now and has all kinds of online classes. Some have Minecraft aspects, but lots don’t. Anyway, we are heading down to Alabama to join in their celebration!

Speaking of travel, we are TIRED of being home!! How about you? We have decided to plan two Homeschool Road Trips for 2021. If you want to be kept in the loop about them, be sure join our newsletter (sign up is at the bottom of this article).

Keeping It Real!

In the keeping-it-real category, one of my college kids thinks he failed his Calc 2 exam. He is in good company …. the professor said well over half of the class failed it… but still. This is my diligent kiddo. I know he is trying, so I’m not even giving him grief over it! I’m still learning how to navigate this weird space in between:

Not quite grown (although they think they are) and not children anymore.

How do you handle setbacks like this with your almost-grown kiddos?


What were your wins this week? My first win has to simply be surviving the rush of Prime Day (for two days)! I stayed up super late and got up super early, so then I’m dead for a couple of days after. And this time was just like that.

I believe in a strong community, a tribe if you will, because homeschooling can be lonely! The Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Facebook group is getting VERY active. We are busy getting to know each other, laughing, nurturing, and in general realizing how much we have in common with each other! I hope you will join the group and add your voice to the conversation!

My final win would be getting somewhat organized. I’ve gone old school… back to just using a cute notebook to track everything I do on a daily basis.

It is helping.

Homeschool Resources

How do you manage to keep track of everything? Especially your wins!! Speaking of wins, what are your wins for this week? I really want to know, so leave a comment below!

Great Homeschool Resources:

If you’re looking for a fun early learning printable for fall, you’ll love this one! It includes a fall words wall, some first sound cards, writing strips, and a matching game for fall too! Fall Early Learning Series 

Read books that take place during autumn like Little House in the Big Woods during the fall.

If you love the concept of living books but don’t really know how to implement it, this article is literally the perfect example of how to!!

Symmetry is found in nature, art, and even math, so it’s an important concept for younger students to learnStudy leaf symmetry.

Do you remember Mad Libs? They are super short stories with specific words removed and blank spaces are in their place. For each blank spaces the type of word that best fits is provided (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) So they are a perfect way to sneak in grammar! Fall Mad Libs!

Hunting for signs of fall scavenger hunt.

Fall Color by State. Perfect for those studying geography right now! Or those about to take a road trip!

Rotting Pumpkin Science Experiment is pretty darn gross….but boys love this stuff! So do it even if you are squeamish!

It’s autumn, and the cooler temperatures, changing colors, and new spicy scents typically make us think of the people and things for which we are most grateful. Why not combine some science based activities that the whole family will love with your family’s creativity to bring out the season’s best to share with others? Apologia has a free Science of Autumn activity e-book.

Fun Arts, Crafts, and Experiments:

Easy science activities from Good Housekeeping. I can’t wait to try some of these!! So many fun experiments there!

Scribble Art Monsters  This art project is great for multiple ages because it is based on something simple–scribbling! Each child can decorate the scribble according to his or her own preferences and abilities. It doesn’t matter if a child isn’t particularly gifted in art. This project is still lots of fun!

Textured Pumpkins looks like a super fun art project. I love how it adds dimension and interest to an otherwise boring coloring page! Think of all the coloring pages you have and how this technique will bring new life to them all!

Candy Corn Catapults. If you have boys like me, you are already clicking that link!

Take a nature walk to gather supplies for this fall mobile! This is so creative. 

Watercolor coffee filter leaf art. This might be my favorite one!

Wow… look at how many art projects there are this week. I just couldn’t help myself!


If you are one of the many moms who struggles with depression, please read Erin’s very real and raw article. You are not alone! She gives some practical advice having walked through this herself.

Most Popular Article This Week:

Our most popular article this week was written by one of our newest writers, Samantha LaMay. If you haven’t met her online yet, you are in for a treat! She is a great writer, sweet and funny! See for yourself; read her article!


Election Bundle Unit Study from Amanda Bennett is 41% off.

https://tricia-goyer.myshopify.com/ Use the coupon code WELCOME for 50% off your first order!

www.CraftsmanCrate.com Use the code CrateFifteen to take $15 off your first box with a Three Month or longer Craftsman Crate subscription! 

If you have been wanting a robot vacuum but just couldn’t justify the cost, I’ve got something for you! This vacuum has great reviews and is under $90. {TIME SENSITIVE}


My favorite Spelling and Reading Curriculum is All About Learning Press, and they have a monthly giveaway! If you haven’t entered already, I encourage you to enter.


Let me introduce you to another one of our flock members… this is Dixie, although my son calls her Crooky. When she was younger, she started walking with her head tilted almost upside down. Turns out this is a Vitamin deficiency!  So we nursed her back to health, and she is perfectly fine and keeps her head nice and straight now.

Homeschool Resources


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you can use some of these homeschool resources! Please do me a favor and leave a comment to let me know which resources you like! We are trying to bring you the best that we have seen this week! Until next week-

Blessings to you and yours!


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