Weekly Weigh-In: I Remembered!

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time again!  I hope the scales have treated you well this week.  Either way, get on them and get your weekly dose of accountability.

After forgetting to weigh last week, I meant to leave myself a big sticky-note on my lap top Monday night.  I forgot to do that, but I didn’t forget to weigh.  I woke up telling myself, “Don’t forget to weigh.  Don’t forget to weigh.”

As I stepped on the scale, I was really hoping to see more than the usual-as-of-late 0.5 pound loss.  I thought to myself, “One forty-six would be nice.” I saw 146!  But, just for a second.  It’s like those teasers on The Biggest Loser. 

The scale settled on 147.6, which is a 1.6 pound loss from last week!  Yeah, I’ll take that!  I guess the running has been paying off, which is really exciting because I’ve still been trying to get away with just mentally estimating my calories.

Speaking of running, my second 5K is tomorrow evening.  I’m really excited!  Yesterday, I managed to run the total 5K distance without stopping, so I’m hoping I can do that for the actual race.  I feel sure I can if the course is mostly flat, but we’re not exactly known for our flat countryside around here.  At the very least, I’m hoping to shave some time off my last 5K time.

Your turn!  How did your weigh in go this week?

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  1. How exciting!! You are really getting close to your goal now, aren't you?

    My loss for this week was 1.6 lbs. Definitely more than I anticipated, since I figured I'd be back to my regularly scheduled .5 losses. But I'm sure happy I was wrong! 🙂

  2. @Noodle — Yes, I'm getting close. I'm ready to BE there, though!

    Congrats on your 1.6 lb. loss! That's a good number.

  3. Dropped 3 lbs this week – don't really know how as I didn't feel like I did any more or ate any less – definitely drank more water thoug so maybe I lost it through de-toxing – who knows I'm a happy bunny.

    Met my first mini-goal (which was to hit a loss of twelve pounds) so I get to buy myself some digital food scales and am already one pound into my second goal of a further ten pound loss and some new (definitely needed clothes).

    Finally told my husband what I weigh this week as I'm now down 13lbs since the start of the year to 13st3lbs or 185lbs – I've got 53 lbs to go though.

    Well done Kris and Noodle on your losses!


  4. Way to go, G!! I love those weeks!

    Enjoy your food scale. I love mine. It is so helpful to know exactly what you're eating.

    I remember the first time I told my husband what I weighed — and where I'd started. Wow, that was hard, but it was good to finally be open about it.

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