Weekly Weigh-In: The Last One

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Weekly Weigh-In

Welcome to the first Weekly Weigh-In of 2012! Of course, if you read the title, you know that it’s the last one.

Yeah, okay, not really. It’s not the last one ever or anything. It is, however, the last one for a while in which I’ll record a gain.

Yep, I had another gain. *sigh* One pound, exactly. I was a bit disappointed since I’d weighed a couple of time last week and was actually down.

I can’t say that I was blindsided, though. My workouts were a bit off last week because I was fighting off a cold and not feeling quite up to par. I did manage to fight it off, though. Aside from a couple of days of feeling achy and drained, I never did really get sick. I totally attribute that to a healthier lifestyle.

My eating habits were a still a bit out of whack, too, and included a New Year’s Eve party in which I overindulged.

That’s all behind me now, though. I started this week off with a 4-mile run and did another one yesterday. I’ve also gotten my eating back on track and threw out the remainder of the overly tempting junk food. I’ve even been tracking my food again.

All that combines to create a feeling of confidence that I will be back in the losing mode by next week’s weigh-in. There’s just something about exercising that makes you want to eat better. And, there’s something about eating better that makes you want to exercise. It’s a great cycle to be in!

So, what about you? How did the scale treat you this week? Are you back on track after the holidays?

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