Weekly Weigh-In: Ouch

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Weekly Weigh-In

Welcome to the Weekly Weigh-In, your virtual accountability…well, mine anyway.  Remember, you don’t have to have the same weigh-in day that I do; just come back and update when you’ve had yours.  You can leave a link, if you’ve posted your results, or just leave your results in the comments.

This is a week, I’d rather not post.  If you’ve ever doubted my honesty about my own weight-ins, doubt no longer.  I gained.  Not just a little, either.  I gained two stinkin’ pounds.  That’s the worst I’ve done since I began losing weight.  I could give you an excuse — a pretty valid one, actually — and blame it on that time of the month.  Seriously, how does that time come back around so fast?  And, isn’t it bad enough that we women have to deal with that and all that goes with it in the first place?  It’s just pouring salt in a wound to have it affect our weight-loss.

Now, Aunt Flo may have played a role in my gain this week, but the truth is, I got careless. My workout schedule was off because it was a busy week and, instead of paying extra careful attention to my calorie burn each day, I made excuses.  I didn’t log my calories consumed diligently, either.  I guesstimated several days, knowing that I tend – like most people – to estimate low.

So, it is what it is – carelessness.  My husband cautioned me not to get discouraged and the truth is, I’m not.  I have a completely different outlook than ever before as I lose the weight for good this time.  I know I’m going to do it, so a setback like this is frustrating, but not discouraging – at least, not “give up” discouraging.  I’m really just frustrated with myself because I know me well enough to know that I have to track my eating every day.  I have to monitor my calorie burn every day.  I didn’t get obese by having a good internal gauge of my calorie intake and activity levels.

So, while it’s frustrating to gain, it’s not going to derail my efforts.  It’s just made me realize that, though I’ve been successful thus far, this is no time to get complacent.  I need to dig in and pay more attention than ever because I know that, the closer I get to my goals, the harder I’m going to have to work to get the pounds off.

Enough of that!  Let me at least share a couple of NSV with you instead of being such a downer.  For one thing, I bought new Capri pants last week – one pair was a size 14 and the other was a 12!!!  A 12, people!  The jeans I was wearing when I started were 22’s!  Granted, I think they were made small because I was wearing a roomier size 18 at the same time, but still…that’s five sizes difference from when I started!  I put them on the other night, just out of curiosity!  Wow!  I need to take a picture.  They were totally falling off of me.

Also, last night I had my final weigh-in and measurements taken for the weight-loss thing I’ve been doing through the Y and Chick-Fil-A.  In twelve weeks I’ve lost 23 lbs. (it was 25, but let’s not go there), 3 inches in my bust, 2.5 inches in my hips and 5…yes, five…inches in my waist!!  I was thrilled with those numbers!

So, what about you?  How did you do on the scale this week?  What about those non-scale victories?  Let’s hear ’em!

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  1. Great job! I know how frustrating those pesky setbacks can be, and I'm also learning not to be defined (or discouraged) by them…so back to work I go- I want my pants falling off too, ha ha! 🙂

  2. Kris, sorry you had one of those weeks. When the aunt comes to visit and makes you gain weight, it does tend to rub salt in the wound. Great idea to try on old clothes, it's always a great motivator to see how far you have come. Keep your chin up, your doing great!

  3. Setback or no, I still think you are doing an amazing job. I'm not on any weight loss plan but still get inspired just reading your updates! Keep up the good work!

  4. I weighed-in on Thursday, but it wasn't official since I couldn't use my regular scale. I confirmed it on Friday and lost 3 lbs!!! I've lost 15 lbs total, which means I met my goal for this past Friday when my Bible study ended. Yay! On to my next goal…16 more lbs by my anniversary at the end of June!

  5. Way to go, Kendra! Three pounds is awesome…and meeting the goals you've set for yourself is even better. Great job!

  6. This morning I got on the scales and they said 161.4!! That means I've lost 30.6 pounds in 6 weeks and 2 days!!! I have been telling everyone 7 weeks, but I looked at my calendar and I started my new lifestyle on March 16th. It goes to show that very hard work and determenation pay off!! I've never tried so hard to lose weight! I've been asked my a ton of people here lately what my secret is and it's no secret at all, healthier choices, counting calories, and excercise. I know everyone is different and will lose weight differently, but this is how it works for me. I eat fruits and vegetables during the day and for dinner we eat salad and baked or grilled chicken breast and on the weekends we eat takeout, but I don't order near as much as I was. I drink water all the time!! I excercise at least 30 minutes a day and most days it's an hour or more, I do at least 30 minutes of cardio (stationary bike, zumba, and sometimes both) and toning. I use my excercise ball all the time. I started off doing 20 crunches and 20 pushups and now I'm up to 150 crunches and 175 pushups, I do have to break them up into sets of 50 though. I've cleaned out my closet and I have nothing to wear, but I'm not complaining. This weekend I bought a dress from my sister that is a size 9/10 and I just knew I wouldn't be able to wear it now, but I would one of these days. I tried it on and it looks so good!! Yesterday I went and bought some new work clothes at a consignment shop and all the pants and skirts I bought are a size 10!! I can't believe I've gone from 16 to a 10!!! I feel like some people don't believe me when I say how I'm losing weight and they assume I'm using diet pills, I had thought about using them at first, but I know a few people that have taken them and got high blood pressure and then gained everything back.

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