Weekly Weigh-In: Post Thanksgiving

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Weekly Weigh-In

Here we are again:  Weekly Weigh-In time.  It’s the one many of us were not exactly looking forward to — the one after Thanksgiving.  {cue dread-filled music}

I was a little nervous getting on the scale yesterday — not because I felt that I’d gained, but because I felt like I’d worked hard to do well and I was going to be really disappointed if my hard work didn’t show up on the scale.

I almost posted my Thanksgiving week accomplishments beforehand, just in case.  For example, guess what I did after our noon Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws house?  I went for a walk!  Brian and Brianna joined me and we walked for a mile-and-a-half, enjoying the gorgeously mild Thanksgiving Day temperatures.

In a huge turn-around from last year, when I wouldn’t have considered walking after our meal, I not only enjoyed the walk, but would have gladly and easily walked another mile-and-a-half.  I didn’t feel like I was walking terribly quickly, but I led the way with Brian and Brianna bringing up the rear.

The Black Friday shopping trip I enjoyed with my mom and sister easily supplied the day’s calorie burn for Friday.  It was great, too, because I wasn’t exhausted with sore feet and legs like I was last year.  As a matter of fact, once we got home, I went back out and did the weekly grocery shopping for my family (which was great, because the grocery side of the store was deserted).  Then, Saturday, I stayed busy with housework and decorating for Christmas, getting in my calorie burn for Saturday, as well.

So, how did I do, you ask?  Well, I was hoping for a 2 pound loss, but I didn’t hit that.  My jaw was on the ground when, instead, I had a shocking repeat of last year’s Thanksgiving week resultsI lost 4 pounds!!!  I was so excited!  That’s the most weight I’ve lost in one week in such a long time.  I can’t even remember the last time I lost that much in a week, much less a week that seems to be focused on eating.

All I know is that it’s got me totally psyched up to hit the ground running again.  I’m ready to get that last 29 pounds off.  Who’s with me…and how did you do?

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  1. Congrats Kris! I weigh-in on Thursday…don't think my results will be as awesome, but it's all part of the journey! Have a great week!`

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