Weekly Weigh-In: Ready to Scream

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Weekly Weigh-In

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week and that the scale has been kind to you because it’s time for another Weekly Weigh-In.

As you may have guessed from my post title, the scale was not kind to me this week and I really wasn’t expecting the results I saw.

I gained 0.4 lb. That’s in addition to the 0.2 that I gained last week for a total of a little more than a half-pound gain in two weeks.

I know, overall, a half-pound isn’t that terrible, but…

1) This is the first time in a long time that I’ve gained two weeks in a row.

2) I ran 13.1 miles on Saturday, in addition to 9 miles I ran during the week.

3) I really watched my calorie consumption last week.

Even on Saturday, despite burning 1500 calories, I consciously made good food choices. Even on Sunday, when there is typically a lot of high-calorie food at our Life Group meeting, we had soup night and I ate the low-calorie chicken taco soup (I use 2 cups of chicken broth in place of the beer, pinto beans instead of chili beans, and leave out the tomato sauce) that I brought.


It’s very frustrating, especially since I was hoping to hit 130 pounds by Thanksgiving week. I’m really not sure what’s caused the gain. It could possibly be that my body is building muscle (doubtful). It may be that my body is becoming more efficient and running isn’t producing the same calorie burn that it used to (more likely).

It could be that I’m letting unaccounted for calories creep in and add up (highly possible). For that reason, I’m working on being very diligent in tracking my food this week.

Like I said last week, I’d rather stay right where I am forever than go back to where I was, so I’m not complaining, just being a little frustrated.

I’ve been asked how I plan on handling my eating and activity level for Thanksgiving.

First of all, I’ll be running in a “turkey trot” race Thanksgiving morning. It will be my first time to ever run in one of these and I’m so excited! Last year, Brian, Brianna and I did go for a brisk walk (one or two miles – I can’t remember exactly how far now) after Thanksgiving dinner, which was a huge change for me. This year, I’ll be starting the day off with what I hope to make a new tradition – a five-mile run.

Secondly, in the past, my attitude about Thanksgiving dinner has been: enjoy the foods that I don’t usually get, in moderation. That meant that I would even skip some of the healthier options, thereby saving those calories, in favor of higher-calorie treats, even though I’d eat less of those than I used to.

This year, I really don’t want to eat a bunch of high-calorie foods. I love my broccoli casserole, but – honestly? – I love roasted broccoli just as much. My mom’s green bean casserole is yummy, but so are my steamed green beans. My sweet potato casserole is to die for, but this mashed sweet potato brulee is just as good (though I may add chopped pecans on the top just for Thanksgiving).

My aunt’s squash casserole? Okay, there’s really no substitute for that!

So, I’m thinking that, unless I change my mind between now and next week, I’m going to make some of my new, healthy favorites. I may make my broccoli casserole for a family reunion on Sunday because I know there’s no way I’ll get more than a taste of it there, but, other than that, I think it’s going to be new, healthy favorites.

What about you? How do you plan to tackle holiday food temptations next week?

On a completely unrelated note, while looking back through my blog trying to see if I’d posted how far we walked last Thanksgiving, I came across photos from my first 5K run. It occurred to me that my body has changed a lot since then.

I went back through my old weigh-ins (I write them down each week), to see how much I’ve lost since then. It was only 17, but what a huge difference it’s made!


Okay, I feel a little better about this week’s weigh-in now. And, now I won’t be so quickly blow off those people who “only” want to lose 20 pounds or so.

Do or do not. There is no try.

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