Weekly Weigh-In: Remodeling Workout

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Weekly Weigh-In

So, I’m a day late with my weigh-in this week.  It’s been a busy, busy week.  Brian took off last week to add on a room (well, frame in a room in our mostly finished basement) for Brianna.  I haven’t stepped on the treadmill since Friday, but I’ve made my calorie burn every day since last Thursday (and I was close then).  I’ll just say that painting, moving furniture, deep cleaning existing bedrooms after one child moves to a new bedroom, and trying to keep up with meals for everyone and laundry have their redeeming qualities — they burn a lot of calories.

Looking back on June, I was a bit bummed that I only lost 4 lbs. total for the month.  Not really where I wanted to be.

I’d already decided that July 4 was my last “big fling” for the summer, then, I was getting back to diligently counting calories consumed and burned. I really didn’t overeat as much as I thought I might on July 4 and, with all the remodeling work, I lost 2.2 lbs. this last week!  A nice start to my recommittment if I do say so myself.

So, what about you?  How are your weight loss efforts going?  Just remember: Do or do not; there is no try

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  1. Congrats on the 2.2lb loss! You have been such an inspiration to me and I wanted to tell you that after I came home from watching Eclipse I've now started my own weightloss blog (what is it about these Twilight Movies finally getting us to get up and make some changes?! LOL) (https://healthyfor100.blogspot.com)
    Anyway, thanks for blogging your journey and being such an inspiration to so many!!

  2. I wanted to say I think you are doing an amazing job! I wondereded how you know you met your calorie burn without something like a bodybugg? I am down 22lbs…. I have lots more to lose than you but its my journey! Thanks for all the inspiration. I repeat, Do Or Do not… there is not try!

    Thanks so much!

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