Weekly Weigh-In: Steady Progress

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Weekly Weigh-In

Happy Wednesday! Have you had your weigh-in this week? Remember, you can come back and add your results in the comments anytime between now and next Wednesday, whenever you have your official weigh-in.

I was very pleased with my results this week. I lost 1.8 pounds! That’s 5 pounds in the two weeks since I started using My Fitness Pal – that’s the most weight I’ve lost in consecutive weeks in a long, long time – and it puts me right on track to reach my goal by the end of the 12 weeks.

I know I keep saying this, but I think My Fitness Pal has been key. I had been using the food log feature on the bodybugg site, but I let my subscription expire…partly because I’d been so lackadaisical in logging my food anyway.

My Fitness Pal is much easier to use – for one thing, I can’t tell you how many of the recipes from Gina’s Skinny Taste I’ve found on there, meaning that I can just click on it and add it to my food diary, rather than having to type in the recipe, one ingredient at a time first.

Then, as I’ve said before, there is the fact that I have to earn my extra calories through exercise. That was true of the bodybugg, too, but the way it’s set up on MFP works, psychologically, for me. I have discovered that, if I don’t get at least 300 calories a day through exercise, I have to watch my calorie consumption much more than I like to. That’s good incentive to get up and workout!

Another positive effect that MFP has had on my eating habits is that it really forces me to think about my snacking at night. In a perfect world, I would always save the calories for that snack if I wanted it, but that doesn’t always happen, so I have to really consider if I am hungry and need a snack or if I’m just thinking of snacking out of habit.

Even healthy snacks can be unhealthy, mentally, when you’re just eating them out of habit or boredom.

I don’t like to go to bed hungry, but I’ve really started thinking about what time it is and what else I’m going to be doing before going to bed. If it’s within an hour of bedtime, I’ll usually just skip the snack, unless I’m really, truly very hungry. If it’s a couple of hours or so, I’ll have a snack if I’m either really hungry or going to be active in that couple of hours.

So far, I haven’t died before morning from skipping nighttime snacks. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

How did you do on the scale this week? What’s really been working for you in your weight-loss efforts?

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  1. Alright, I'm throwing my hat in the ring. I have 20-25lbs to lose, and have needed to for 3 years, after those pounds did not budge post-twin pregnancy.  My "babies" turned 3 this week, and it occurred to me that I really can't call it "baby weight" any more. It's just weight. And it needs to go.  I started logging calories on MFP yesterday. I am struggling to figure out how exercise happens day-to-day as a stay-at-home-mom to three preschoolers, but I'm going to figure it out.  I weighed in at 156.5 today.  See you next week!

    ~Erin in NOLA

  2. Good for you, Erin! I wish I'd lost my weight when my kids were still babies. (Because, with a youngest who is almost 10, three is still a "baby" as far as I'm concerned. lol) I look forward to watching your progress and sharing in your journey. I know it may be hard to fit in time for exercise, but if you can be flexible, and maybe a bit creative, you can make it happen. And, you'll be so glad you did!

  3. Congrats on your success this week!  And oh my goodness, I can't thank you enough for recommending MFP!  I lost 4 lbs this week!!!  I am beyond excited.  Now, I have about 50 to lose, so the 1st few lbs were begging to come off, I think…just so you know I didn't starve or anything, I just finally tried.  I've used WW to lose weight between my 3 kids (never got to goal, but was pretty successful just the same) so I know it works and is a wonderful program, but for some reason I just could not get into it since my daughter was born almost 2 years ago.  I almost gave up hope…really.  But I'm so energized about doing this now!  Somehow when I clicked "nutrition" on there, something in my brain clicked and I realized I'm probably overweight AND malnutritioned!  Maybe if I satisfy the actual nutritional needs, the emotional side will be easier to overcome.  So this week, I kept a big pot of veggie soup in the fridge for lunches and emergencies 🙂 (I even added a can of rutabega & lima beans…trying to up the nutrients!)  I know it's totally mental, but changing my thinking from seeing veggies as 0 (or really low) point foods to seeing them as percentages towards 100% goals actually made me see how much they matter (they're not just freebies) and made me want them more.  Not WW's fault, of course, just my brain.  And seeing the other numbers in that format made me walk on the elliptical to earn the calories BEFORE I ate the popcorn at the movies.  I only ate what I'd budgeted for…which was a miracle in itself.  ha ha.  I SO needed this.  Thank you.  (end of novel)  🙂
    P.S.  Erin, you really can do it!  The fact that you only have to lose 20-25 lbs after a twin pregnancy testifies to that.  I had 3 singletons and Lordy, Lordy…  😉  Looking forward to hearing about your successes!

  4.  Abby, that is absolutely wonderful! And truly, I think you're well on your way to overcoming those emotional obstacles, just from this post. 🙂

  5. Yay on another 1.8 lbs!!!!  Congratulations!!!

    I am trying to cut the night time snacking out too.  It's hard, but we can do it, right?!?!

    Thanks for joining Weight Loss Wednesday!  Blessings to you this week!

  6. arrow thru the heart – found my weakness – even "healthy snacking" can be unhealthy.  ouch!

  7. It is hard, but the results are worth it. I've decided that I must really like a challenge because I often find myself looking at late night snacking as a challenge to overcome and I feel so accomplished when I don't give in! Maybe I just have a weird psyche. 😉

  8. That is AWESOME, Abby! It makes me so excited to read your post because I remember when it clicked for me and I know that's why I've been successful — because it finally clicked.

    I'm so happy for you because you've got the attitude now! You can so do this!!

  9. Way to go on your awesome week!  I stayed the same weight.  Had a couple of rough days.  I need to try to figure out how to exercise without throwing myself into a fibromyalgia flare-up.  I tend to go overboard with exercising and then can't do anything for a couple of days.  I will figure it out though!

  10. My father-in-law has fibromyalgia. He's found that working out really helps control the flare-ups, but I imagine it can be difficult to find the right balance. I hope you're able to find it soon!

  11. Yes, they say exercising does help out a lot.  I am hoping to find that balance soon!  🙂  I just know walking 5 miles in one day is not the way to start out when you haven't exercised in a while!  

  12. Um, yeah, probably not. I know my fil does a lot of strength-training. I can ask him what he's found most helpful, if you'd like.

  13. Kris, that would be awesome.  I had planned on blogging about it and asking others what they do, but haven't had a chance to get the post written yet.  Thank you so much for doing this!

  14. I asked my husband. He said his dad has been using the Total Gym, which uses your own body weight as resistance. He does a lot of upper body work — chest, arms, etc. I'll still ask him if there's anything specific, but I know that building and strengthening his muscles has helped. I actually have a post about strength training coming up on Friday, so that may give you some ideas.

  15. Great job this week, Kris!  And so awesome that there are so many people here supporting each other!  I too am finding MFP to be such a huge help in letting me see just what choices I'm making and seeing what I can and can't eat (or rather should or shouldn't eat).  I'm hoping for a good loss this week, but won't be weighing in until my usual day on Friday.  I'll post my results then.  Keep up the great work, everyone!   

  16. I agree, Christine — I am loving all the support and encouragement! Hope you do well on your weigh-in.

  17. After hearing all the buzz about MFP I decided to try it out. I am loving it! I was away this week but was still able to do well. I have lost 2 more pounds for a total of 22 pounds lost!

  18. Yay!  You are doing great!  I am so happy for you!  I have been successful with  my goals as well.  I stopped focusing so much on the scale and more on having a balanced life.  The shift in thinking really has lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. (no pun intended)  I feel more in control than ever.  I am eating real foods that are good for me.  I am allowing myself small indulgences- without the guilt!  I am more relaxed.  I am happier!  Oh- I did peek at the scale(habits are hard to break) and I am down 1.5!  I am so thankful for you and you blog!  Let's keep up the good work!

  19. Great attitude, Jill! That's what true health is all about…and the lost pounds don't hurt either. 😉

  20. Just joined MFP!!  I have been exercising consistently for 3 months (alternating cardio and strength) and I'm loving it (so surprising 🙂 I am excited that MFP will help me keep track of my food consumption and calorie intake (which I have not had much success with in the past – but I feel so optimistic!! 🙂

    So glad I found your blog. So glad you're mostly socialized 😉

  21. You should feel optimistic. I have been so impressed with how easy MFP has been to use. And, yay, for consistently exercising and loving it! It's so much easier to be consistent when you enjoy what you're doing…and when you're seeing results.

    I'm glad you found my site, too. I hope you continue to stay encouraged.

  22. Joy,

    I talked to my father-in-law last night. He said a couple of things have been really instrumental in helping him. The first one, most don't want to hear (and I can't say that I blame them) — no sugar or caffeine. In anything. He's given up ketchup because they can't find any with no sugar. They've found one brand of mayo without sugar — Duke's.

    As far as workouts go, he recommends getting some of those rubber resistance bands. He said you can do bicep curls with them and hook them onto something to pull them across your body with a sideways movement of your forearm. Does that make sense? Like start with your arm bend, holding the band in your hand, then use your forearm to pull the band across your stomach.

    I hope that helps!

  23. I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have found this blog and have found it to be very inspiring. I am on myfitnesspal as well and find it to be a tremendous resource. I am pretty good about eating healthful foods, but I had no idea how much mindless eating I was doing and how out of control my portion sizes were. I figured to lose I would have to starve and I struggle to eat as many calories as is allowed now!!! I, too, am a stay-at-home homeschooling mama and FED UP with life as usual and just accepting that this is how things will always be. Thanks for helping me to stay motivated. I have 175 pounds to lose-like a whole person and a half!!! I hope to start bloggin my journey soon as well. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are appreciated and SUCH an inspiration!

    (PS-will you share your fit pal ID so I can friend you on there?)

  24. Thank you so much for your kind, inspiring comment, Lisa. I know how intimidating it can look starting out, but I know you can be successful and you are going to inspire so many people!

    Yes, I'd love to add you to my friends on My Fitness Pal (and any of the rest of you reading comments). I'm Kris_RunnerMom on MFP. I look forward to seeing you there!

  25. Hi Kris, 

    I finally got my post up for this week. I had to battle some excuses as well as a house full of flu sickie kids. I am back to working on the goals I attempted to work on last week. Drink more water, eat more veggies, eat colorful food, and walk 1 mile twice per day. I am going to work even harder on these goals this week (especially the walking). 

    I was so inspired by your 75 pound weight loss. I can't wait until I am at the same place. 


  26. Hi Erin, 

    I have 3 year old twins as well.

    I have a significant amount of weight to lose and I needed a form of exercise that I could do without excuse, so I am using walking videos by Leslie Sansone. I know if I was walking outside and it rained, I would stay home. I also know if I had to go to the gym, I would have excuses for that too (no babysitter, no money, no vehicle, etc.). Walking in my own home I can do and the twins come up and doing the videos with me too.

    I just thought I would mention it because you said you needed to figure out the exercise. 


  27. With your determination, Honey, it will be here before you know it! Hope your kids are feeling better now.

  28. I love the Leslie Sansone videos. They're great for any fitness level. I confess to doing them a time or two after I'd lost quite a bit of weight and was in better shape, thinking that it would be an easy workout. They got me sweating and breathing pretty heavy!

  29. I love the Leslie Sansone workouts too.  I think they really are a great way to get started or for days when you don't want something with high impact but a good cardio workout anyway.  And they actually could be fun for the kids to join in on! 

  30. Weigh-in time for me… lost exactly 1 pound.  Not super thrilled but definitely glad that the scale is moving in the right direction!  I feel good physically – stronger and more lean – so that's a plus.  And I should be able to move below 170 next week without any trouble.  So… yay me! 

  31. That's a whole tub of butter's worth of fat. You should be proud of yourself! Really, I know where you're coming from because I have so been there, done that, but losing a pound really is a great result. The fact that you're feeling stronger and healthier is fantastic! Most definitely yay, you!

  32. I think the Leslie Sansone walking program is fantastic. It's what I do daily, and it's the ONLY thing I've done consistently because I know I can do it. Just last night I knew I had about 35 minutes "free" so I did the two mile walk. No prep, just put in the DVD and get at it.

    Confession: I never really believed that I was actually walking a mile or two miles or whatever. Nope. Never did. Then I started using an app on my phone that tracks pace and mileage and all that, and you know what? That four-mile walk really IS four miles. The one mile really IS one mile. As long as you keep the pace that she sets, it is. To say that I was surprised to discover that is an understatement.

  33. Thanks to your post about MFP! I began on Sat. June 3rd, and as of today (I'm overseas, so it's already Sat the 18th for me) I have lost 10.5 lbs — AND I have great hope for losing all the weight I need to!!!  MFP has inspired me to…move my body!  Thank you, Kris, for being a catalyst and inspiration in helping me to get started losing weight and getting in shape!!!!!

  34. Yes, this does help!  Thanks so much for asking him for me!  Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.  We lost power after that storm last Wednesday and are just now getting internet back!

  35. Yes, this does help!  Thanks so much for asking him for me!  Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.  We lost power after that storm last Wednesday and are just now getting internet back!

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