Weekly Weigh-In: Workout DVDs

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Weekly Weigh-In

Wow!  I can’t believe this week’s weigh-in.  My jaw is still on the floor.  As I went downstairs to weigh-in Monday morning, I was having a conversation with myself.  It went something like this:

I’ve been weighing in much later in the day (since we’ve been on Christmas break) and I know that body weight fluctuates throughout the day, so that might have an effect on my weight.  I think I tend to weigh less earlier in the day…but still, this is going to be my regular weigh-in time until our next break, so I won’t know the difference.  No big changes next week from weighing in later.  I’ll just take whatever it (the scale) says and be done with it.

Yeah, I pretty much had that entire conversation with myself on the way down the stairs.  I had a number in mind I was hoping to see.

I got on the scale…

And, blew that number right out of the water!!  I lost 5.2 lbs. last week!!  I am still in shock!  That’s the most I’ve lost since I started, even that first week.  The earlier weigh-in time might have affected my numbers some, but not that much.  No matter how you look at it, I had a good week and I’m thrilled.  Maybe it’s the workouts I’ve been doing.  I did hit it pretty hard last week, trying to recover from Christmas.  At any rate…Yipee!!

Considering that my workout obviously had some bearing on how I did this week, I thought I’d weigh in on workout DVDs.  I’ve tried three new ones lately.  I liked two of them, but didn’t care for third.  The first one I tried was Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred.  Although I’d heard great things about it, I didn’t really care for it.  There was a lot of jump roping (sans jump rope) and jumping jacks.  Let me just say, I’d need a much more supportive sport bra than I’ve got to do a lot of those.

I swapped the 30-Day Shred with a friend of mine (she didn’t like it either) for another of Jillian’s DVDs, No More Trouble Zones.  Although it still has the jumping rope and jumping jacks, I liked it a lot better because the focus is working out with weights, which I acutally enjoy.  No More Trouble Zones is a 40-minute circuit that targets the trouble zones, such as the abs and the triceps.  I can’t do every rep of every set yet and there is one thing (the “surrender”) that I can’t do at all yet, but overall I really enjoy the workout.

The final DVD that I’ve been using is the brand-new Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout.  This is Jillian again and it features Tara and Sione from Season 7 and Liz, Daniel, Danny, and Amanda from Season 8.  It contains a five minute warm-up and a five minute cool-down, a 25 minute circuit cardio workout, and two twenty minute workouts — an upper body tone and lower body sculpt.  Last Chance Workout is set up as a six-week program in which you slowly build up to doing the entire DVD each day.

What are some of your favorite workout DVDs?

Be sure to post your weigh-in results so we can cheer with you or encourage you if it’s been an off week. Remember, I know we all have our weigh-ins at different times, so you can add yours anytime this week, just whenever you have your official weigh-in.  You can leave your results in the comments section or post about it on your blog and link up.  Just please remember to link directly to your weigh-in post so that we can all find it easy when we stop by to see how you’ve done.

Don’t forget the “Do or Do Not Challenge.”  I’d love to have you join me on this sixteen week weight-loss challenge.  It just started yesterday, so you’re not behind.

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  1. FANTASTIC weight loss!!!!!!! I'll be weighing in on Friday so I'm curious to see what my numbers are. I've been counting my points and exercising but the scale isn't moving in the right direction.

  2. CONGRATULATIoNS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!

    I'm afraid I'm recooping after Christmas. But your 16 week challenge is motivating and I did well in the eating department yesterday. Planning to continue that today!

  3. I like my 30 day shred. I had to get a better bra , but i love the cardio of the dvd. It is just enough to get me going but not kill me. I had bought the biggest loser cardio and powersculpt, but i really don't care for either one. The cardio does get my heart going but then i don't feel like i have worked out. I just didn't get a good workout on the Power sculpt. I have to say. I love my ONDemand feature on cable. I can use the free workouts and if i like them, i have the option to buy it on dvd. A great way to see if i like it before a monetary commitment.

  4. @ Susan — It's so frustrating to be doing all the right things and have the scale be uncooperative. However, as I was recently reminded, Jillian says if you keep doing all the right things, your body has no choice but to respond. I hope that's true. 😉

    @ Megan — That's a great idea about the On-Demand workouts! I'll have to check those out.

    @ Carrie — I'm glad to hear that the challenge is motivating you! Keep up the good work!

  5. Kris, that is AWESOME! My head and heart all came together this week! An early January birthday does that for me…The time to plan and reflect is something I look forward to all year.

    Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about finishing a marathon…and loosing weight. I was starting to feel like it hadn't happened and that I would never loose weight. I would like to do a few more marathons but the idea of training for them at my current weight is crazy…My goal for the first was to finish…I did…I never set out to loose weight for that one…but now…So as I was thinking and praying about this whole journey…and wondering what I should spent the $ that someone gave me for my birthday on. I decided to go with part of me that love to accessorize…and I bought a sleek new bathroom scale. And decided that no matter what it said…I will be 50 pounds lighter when I begin officially training in June! So although I have been following you since your journey began…slowly gaining the courage to jump in. The time has now come! Next week I will be able to weigh in with all of the rest of you.

  6. Yay, Nicole! I'm so glad to hear that! You sound just like me when I started. I had a friend who'd been working out and losing weight. While I was happy for her and was watching what she was doing and cheering her on, I just wasn't ready yet.

    I'm not sure exactly what the catalyst was to get me started because, honestly, when I started, I still didn't feel ready; I just did it. The first morning that I worked out, I grumbled the entire time. Then, the enthusiasm hit me out of nowhere and here I am today.

    You can do it! It's just a matter of deciding to take the steps necessary to make the change.

  7. Congratulations!!! I always liked Denise Austin for workout videos, her yoga ones are great. Very relaxing, but still a great workout, for those days when you don't feel like sweating :).

  8. Congrats on the five pounds. I recently lost 15 pounds and I know what that number can mean. Keep up the good work. Now if I could only get the workouts in. lol.

  9. That is awesome!
    I've slacked off through the holidays but have signed up for a 5K in March and am working out every day now.

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