Weekly Weigh-In

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Weekly Weigh-In

I *think* I lost one pound this week.  I haven’t written down my weight since the week that I gained because I didn’t really care how I’d done until I got below where I had been.  Well, not that I didn’t care, but I wasn’t excited about writing it down.  I do know that the scale is, once again, moving in the right direction.  I think it’s helping that I’m now easily able to work in two more workouts a week — I walk on the treadmill during the first hour of Biggest Loser each week and in the gym during Megan’s music class.

Anyway, I know that I lost right at a pound, maybe a little over, because I remember what my ending number was last time, I just can’t remember what the tenths were.  I did write down my weight this week, even though I haven’t quite made up that gain yet, just so I’d know for sure how I’m doing.

What about you?  How are you doing on your goals?  Are you staying accountable to someone?

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  1. You got right back on track and that's what's important. You go Kris!!

    I lost 3.5 pounds last week. Still working off the 20 pound re-regain BUT I am back on track too.

  2. Hey, just stumbled on to your blog. I was actually looking for chore chart ideas for my little girls and found your other blog which lead me to this one. Liked your chore chart, by the way.

    I just wanted to encourage you a bit and say thanks because you have encouraged me. I just had my third child almost 4 months ago and now have about 70 lbs. to lose. I have not been motivated to do it because it just seems an impossible feat. Thanks for reminding me that it is not impossible.

  3. After several months of the scale not moving and me sinking into utter discouragement, I decided to participate in the 30 Day Primal Challenge. And, I am totally back on track! I'm eating less, am more satisfied and am losing weight steadily. Lost 2.3# this past week.

  4. Go girl, back on track! 🙂 psst-
    I don't wanna say it too loud and jinx myself…but I'm FINALLY losing weight. I've lost 8 lbs so far!!! Of course that puts me at 164 (YAY) because I went up to my highest un-pregnant weight ever, 172, before our vacation. At the beach. Yep the beach will inspire you to lose weight LOL.

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