Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the 60 lb chicken

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. It’s been cold here but not frigid like last week. Plus, there’s been lots of sunshine and everybody is healthy, so I’m loving it.

Wedding planning is coming along. After last week’s family meeting, it seems like things are moving very quickly. Everyone who is helping knows what needs to be done so they’re jumping right in. I love it. I’m more of a big picture person than a small detail planner, so having the help is greatly appreciated.

Halloween window clings in January? Why not?

I had to take my big chicken dog the vet this week. (The big chicken dog who was supposed to be Brianna’s, but is now mine because there’s no way she’s going to survive in Andrew’s small apartment once he and Brianna get married.)

All I’ll say is that it’s pretty funny seeing a 60-pound dog try to squeeze herself under your chair so that the big bad vet doesn’t get her. For the record, the vet is a very nice man. He sat down in the floor and talked to me so that Big Chicken could have time to relax.

She has allergies. We’ve joked that she’s probably allergic to cats. (We have five of them.) The vet said it’s actually possible that Belle is allergic to cat dander. It would be kind of poetic justice since she seems to live to torment the cats.

Giving Belle her pill isn’t a big deal. She’ll eat anything that’s wrapped in a Pill Pocket. But putting ointment in her ears? (Because that’s what the allergies do – cause red, inflamed, insanely itchy ears.) Did I mention that she’s a 60-pound scaredy-cat? Having somebody rub her belly while I doctor her ears seems to help.

She also thinks she’s a lapdog.

On the school front, it’s been business-as-usual with jobs thrown in. Megan worked her first 12-hour shift this week. The store she works for did inventory. If you’ve ever done inventory, you know how much fun that is. She really enjoys her job, though. It’s really been a fantastic first job experience.

I took Josh to breakfast yesterday because I felt like I hadn’t seen him all week. Probably because I really hadn’t.This third shift thing can be rough. At least he finally has a pretty consistent schedule now, so he’s adjusting. I’m glad he’s self-motivated (mostly) when it comes to school.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that in just a few short months I’ll have a married daughter and a second homeschool grad. {sniff} It’s going to be weird, y’all.

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  1. We have a chicken dog too. He is 80 pounds. He is afraid of the vets and cats. The neighborhood cats have beaten him up several times.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. That’s funny! I think the funniest one I ever heard was when a friend of mine kept another friend’s dog while they were on vacation. It was close to 100 lbs and terrified of my friend’s chickens! lol

  2. I haven’t ever done inventory, but I paid for college with a library job and did hours and hours of shelving and checking and straightening. Is that close to the same?
    I loved the story of your 60 pound chicken dog trying to crawl under your chair at the vet. I have a 60 pound dog too, but when we go to the vet he shakes so much he can’t manage to move, much less get under the chair!
    I love reading about your week! Your kids are just a tad older than mine so I can get a view at life with kids who are becoming adults and how you learn to cope. Thank You for hosting this weekly wrap up and for writing so candidly about your life!

  3. We have a chicken dog, too. He’s afraid of our kitten, and a bunch of other things. =p
    I can only imagine how you feel planning a wedding and a graduation at the same time. I was all kind of emotional planning our daughter’s graduation in December. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon, though. The only thing that has changed is that her college teachers are doing the teaching now, and I’m just helping with homework from time to time. I’m glad this is a slow transition instead of a sudden change. =)

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