Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the breakfasts

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you had a great one. I’m sorry if it went by too quickly. I think that’s my family’s fault. The weeks between now and Brianna’s wedding will probably continue to speed by. {sigh}

The details are starting to come together. I think we have a plan for all of the big stuff now – food, flowers, photography, venue, and rehearsal dinner location. She has her dress and most of the bridesmaids have theirs.

I’m going to miss these random notes. {sniff}

My nerves get bad when I start thinking about the smaller details. You know, like the fact that I have to shop for a dress. Shopping is so not my thing. Well, Amazon, sure, but not for dresses. I’m pretty sure yoga pants and a tank top are not appropriate mother-of-the-bride attire.

School-wise, we’re just plugging along as normal. I did get a refresher course in geometry this week. My niece is doing some of the stuff I used to have to help my kids with. It’s stuff that finally clicked for me as an adult even though it never clicked as a kid. I was rather proud of the fact that I still remembered it – after a quick Google search to refresh my memory on the formula.

I had the privilege of having breakfast with my kids a couple of days this week. Brianna and I had breakfast Wednesday before she started a busy day of errands on her off day. Josh, Megan, and I had breakfast yesterday after he got home from work and Megan happened to be up unusually early.

Both days, I put off work that I needed to do because you know what? I’ve been hit with the reality of how little time I have left with them at home. I’m taking advantage while I can. The work will still be there later.

Megan’s new desk/make-up table. It looks great!

Now, I think I’ll go catch up on some of it so I can enjoy my weekend. Y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. My mom and my grandmother each tried on more dresses for my wedding than I did. I tried on 5 and was thrilled with my choice. I bet they each tried on 12 and still were not happy with what they picked. Plus my wedding was in Kentucky during July, the air conditioner went out in the church that morning and they both picked long sleeve dresses. My grandmother looks mad in all my pictures (so not her).

    1. See? So not looking forward to this. {sigh} I hope I can find one quickly. Thankfully, with the wedding being in April, I shouldn’t have to worry about being too hot.

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