Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the clean garage

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s hard to believe it’s Friday again already. The week has passed in a busy blur with something going on every, single day. That’s draining on an introverted homebody.

We spent the majority of the day last Saturday cleaning and organizing our garage. I wish I’d taken before and after pictures! (A good blogger would have…unless the good blogger was so appalled by the before pictures that she couldn’t bring herself to document the disaster.)

It took a good, solid 5 hours to complete. We filled a 65 gallon trash can full of trash and another 65 gallon can for recycling – and still had trash and recycling left that wouldn’t fit! We were ruthless with the purging, y’all.

Our freezer has been defrosted and moved to a much more easily accessible location. The new stainless steel wire shelving rack is now loaded down with stuff that was scattered in various spots throughout the garage. I love that shelf. Now, I can pull my car all the way into the garage without worrying about hitting things.

Now, to keep it organized.

Jack likes my flowers, too.

We got started back to school on Tuesday after a very enjoyable break week. Can I just once again say how much I love Teaching Textbooks? I don’t know what’s going on this year, but Josh and Megan have needed very little help from me which is fabulous! Josh even commented on Tuesday that this one concept he’s been working on is kind of fun. Nice.

We also went to our CPA to get our taxes done on Tuesday afternoon. It was ugly, y’all. Ugly. The worst part is, we were completely blindsided. I’m debating over whether or not I really need both kidneys. I may need to sell one. {sigh}

Wednesday, I had lunch with a friend. It’s so nice to be able to do that now that I have teens who can work independently. Moms of littles, hang in there! It really does get less mom-intensive.

Josh and Megan are going on a local mission weekend with the church youth group, so Brian and I get a little mini date weekend while Brianna is at work. We’ll probably do something very exciting like go out to dinner followed by shopping at Costco. We’re fun like that. We may get really wild and rent a movie to watch at home.

I know you’re shocked at our behavior. I hope we can still be friends. {grin}

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  1. Ha! Your mini-date sounds like something my husband and I would do (although, granted, we dont have a Costco, so we’d probably got to Wal-Mart.) I so wish my kids would try Teaching Textbooks. They don’t like learning on the computer, and the lessons would be the main reason I would want to get it. Sigh. I guess for now I’m still going to have to help with algebra and geometry every. single, night. Sigh.

  2. This whole month has gone by in a blur!!! Good to know, we are switching to Teaching Textbooks next year!! We have liked Horizons but my math brain is about fried, I rather save it for other subjects I enjoy.

  3. It was so warm in Michigan this week that I thought it a perfect time for a break from homeschooling! We walked the fields, visited a new museum, took some road trips to bigger cities near by and enjoyed the days. Being in the 60’s, in SW Michigan, in February is a cause for celebration! I think we were busier than ever!

  4. Wow, Kris, your wild dates sound a lot like ours! 😉
    I am planning a garage clean out next month (it’s still too cold up here in Montana to do it sooner… but I’ve been tempted!) It sounds similar to what you described and I was just thinking the other day how I should chance a before picture so I can remember to NEVER let it get this bad again!!

    Have fun this weekend!

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