Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the good belly laugh

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had a great week? It’s been a rather rainy, dreary one here, but the temps have been mild (as in, close to 70 degrees yesterday), so I’m not complaining. I’m ready for spring!

Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? Ours was kind of strange. I don’t really get into most holidays and Valentine’s Day falls in that category. I usually get cards for Brian and the kids and a bag of their favorite candy.

I did not have it together this year and realized on Tuesday that I didn’t have any cards. I babysit my niece on Tuesdays and I didn’t feel like dragging her around for cards. So, like a truly amazing planner, I picked up cards on Wednesday while I was out running other errands.

Yes, I bought Valentine’s cards on Valentine’s Day.

Megan had a doctor’s appointment and a hair appointment. While she was getting her hair cut, I ran to Target, which is right across the street, for cards. They had about ten cards left. For real.

So, I went to Wal-mart. Thankfully, they had a good selection. Megan and I picked up fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts with pink, red, and white sprinkles on the way home and, thus, Valentine’s Day was saved. Because, seriously, who doesn’t love fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

I was in a weird mood yesterday. I wanted to clean out and reorganize our filing cabinet. See? I told you it was weird. You’ve got to do those things when the mood strikes you, though.

And then there was the rat that got stuck in our birdfeeder. To be honest, it probably wasn’t stuck, but it was enjoying nice little nap in there. Megan and I decided to set it free. That’s when hilarity ensued.

You probably had to be there and I’m not sure this video clip does the situation justice, especially since my pride insisted that I cut it off before the part where Megan got me doing the ugly laugh. You know, the kind where your face is red, you’re crying, and your stomach hurts from laughing so hard? Yeah, that.

That’s because she missed the best part. The part where the rat crashed, head-first, into the side of the house in its attempt to escape. It bounced off and kept running. Poor little thing. It was still funny, though.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve laughed that hard. Good times, y’all.

I’m excited about a new product we’re reviewing, Flip Flop Spanish. It’s a Spanish program for the whole family that is equivalent to a two-year Spanish program. Megan and I are learning together and I’m planning to see how much we can teach my four-year-old niece, too. I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

So, an organized filing cabinet (el gabinete), a rat-less birdfeeder, and a few doughnuts later, I’m ready to go enjoy my weekend. Have a great one!

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