Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the graduation of sorts

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. I don’t feel like this week has been quite as insanely busy at the last few, so that makes it a good one for me.

Brianna has still been recovering from the oral surgery that she had last Thursday. Poor kid. She’s still swollen and having trouble eating normally. Thankfully, it’s getting better. She’s progressed from milkshakes and applesauce to soft-ish foods she can cut into small bites, like pizza and Chick-fil-A Minis.

Last Friday, Megan turned in an application at a retail store where she really wanted to work. She was interviewed and hired on the spot! I’m telling y’all, my kids are apparently very charming.

She’s so excited. She’s supposed to start next week, which should be crazy with the holiday sales.

It’s a seasonal position, which is great for right now. If she decides work and school don’t mix, it will still be a good experience with no expectation of her working after the first of the year. And, if she loves it, she has the potential to get hired for a permanent position.

Belle graduated the first level of puppy school on Monday. It’s so funny because she is such a big chicken. She spent the majority of the six lessons learning that the trainer, the other pet parents, and the other dogs weren’t out to get her. Like, seriously, it was only last week that she quit hiding behind Brianna.

Yet, out of all the dogs, she was the only one who actually let her person put the graduation cap on her and held still for pictures. No one expected that – not us, not the trainer, and not the other pet parents.

All the dogs in the class are so cute! There is one 14-week-old Yorkie puppy. Oh, my goodness! He’s adorable!

I think they all (or, you know, their people) signed up for the next class. The trainer said she likes to keep the same group of dogs together if possible since they’ve gotten used to each other. I’m looking forward to watching all the other pups grow – especially the full-blooded Newfoundland! She’s beautiful and huge. I always think of Lewis and Clark when I see her.

One day this week, Josh was talking to me about coding stuff. I was just nodding and trying to keep up. Later on, I was on a stock photo website looking for an image to go with an article I’m updating for ThoughtCo. I came across a picture of a boy standing in front of a blackboard with computer code written on it.

I thought, “Hey, that’s the stuff Josh was talking about!”

Yep, recognizing one bit of specific code is about as close as I get to understanding what he’s talking about. I’m glad he gets it!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I won’t host a Weekly Wrap-Up next Friday, November 24, but I’ll be back on December 1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Everyone else, enjoy your Thursday and eat something especially yummy just because!

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