Weekly Wrap-Up: The one where I nearly froze

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. It has been a cold week here. I am so ready for spring. Except, you know, this spring Brianna will be getting married, so I’m not sure my nerves are quite ready for that.

We do have the church and the photographer booked. Last night we had a family meeting to figure out some of the other details. Hopefully, everything will keep steadily falling into place.

Maybe I will wish for summer. Then the cold weather and the wedding will be over. {grin}

Okay, I know as a homeschool mom, I’m not alone in my love of office products, but does anyone else have a slight obsession with kitchen gadgets? Come on. Tell me it’s not just me.

Wednesday, I got a wild hair to clean out my kitchen cabinets. That was spawned by having to dig through one particular drawer twice this week trying to find two different things that I couldn’t remember if I even still possessed. Apparently, I didn’t.

I wound up cleaning out two drawers and a cabinet. I threw away some things, put others in a pile for Brianna when she moves out {sniff}, and made a pile to sell or donate. Then, I made a list of things I needed to purchase or replace. The UPS man will be bringing my goodies from Amazon tomorrow. I am weirdly excited about that.

I’ve been slowly replacing things that we’ve had for years. Then, there are things that I have that were given to us as wedding gifts with which I will never part. I need to see if I can find  the lists from my showers and see who gave me a couple of these things. One is a mixing bowl set that I just love.

We’ve been plugging along with school. I’ve heard more than one complaint about us doing school while the public schools are out. Nobody complained when we were on break and they were in school.

I think today is the only day this week the public school kids have had school. Monday was a holiday, and they were closed Tuesday through Thursday because of winter weather and icy roads. Thankfully, the roads weren’t icy in our immediate area, so we carried on, business as usual, much to Megan’s dismay. I do think she was mostly kidding, though.

She has really been enjoying the lessons she’s been doing on Khan Academy and she likes the WriteShop video lessons, as well. Hopefully, these changes will result in a strong second semester finish.

Now, it’s off to enjoy my weekend and what feels like a heat wave after the frigid week we’ve had. Have a great one, y’all!

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  1. That whole whining that friends have the day off and they don’t (and then the reminder that WE HAD AN ENTIRE WEEK OFF THAT THEY WERE IN SCHOOL). Sigh.

    I feel your pain. 😂

    1. It’s so funny, isn’t it? I think the next time we’re off and the public schools are in session I’ll just randomly start complaining about how unfair it is. lol

  2. So pleased you are continuing with the linkie!
    Happy (belated) new year! I can’t believe you have one getting married this year!! Oh, my goodness, where does the time go?! Okay, that’s enough exclaiming for one comment 🙂
    Have a great week x

  3. My kids announced this week that everyone else in the neighborhood had off for break. They didn’t really whine, but there sure was a lot of foot-dragging going on!

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