Weekly Wrap-Up: The one where people were feeling rotten

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Mine has been good, but busy. That seems to be the new norm.

Brian and I had an exciting date night last Friday. First we went to Cracker Barrel, which neither of us used to like except for breakfast. Then, we went to Costco where we bought exciting things like LED lights and chicken salad.

And flowers. Because, you know, it was a date.

We’re getting old, y’all.

We did come home and watch Dr. Strange, and we both stayed awake through the whole thing, so maybe we’re not too far gone yet.

Saturday Brian did some yard work while I caught up on some online things that had to be done. That means I didn’t get my usual housecleaning day. That means that it’s about time to call a family-wide, deep-cleaning day.

Monday, we met my dad and step-mom for dinner. We means the whole crew for a change – Josh and Brianna, Megan and Connor, and our Josh. It was the first time my dad and step-mom had met the boyfriends, so that was fun, but a little chaotic with so many conversations going on at once.

I took about half a dozen pictures. They’re laughing in all of them. They have so much fun together.

I’m sure something happened Tuesday. I just can’t remember it at this point.

By midweek, both Brianna and Josh were feeling rotten. Brianna is on antibiotics and having some major mouth pain. Josh’s allergies are acting up and the sinus pressure is giving him an earache. Even Brianna’s Josh has been sick.

We haven’t had any particularly exciting projects, just the relatively mundane school stuff. I did assign the kids a persuasive writing topic this week. Josh chose to write a paper convincing Brian he should buy this new Mustang he found. It’s all about fuel economy and power, with nary a mention of how Josh would inherit the current Mustang. {grin}

I’m not sure whether I should give him an A or an F if it works.

This was what was in the floor around my chair while I was working Monday. I felt the same way. {yawn}

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