Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the wisdom teeth extraction

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Yay! We did it! We survived another wisdom tooth extraction. I guess it’s easy to say “we” when you’re not the one in pain, but I have had to play the nurse, so I should get some credit.

Josh had his wisdom teeth removed Tuesday. There are pictures and there is a video, but I’m not that mean. {grin}

It should be noted that he made the video himself. He has found it amusing and hasn’t minded showing it to people, but I’m guessing he doesn’t want me posting it online.

Really he wasn’t as loopy as I expected him to be and he has a pretty high tolerance for pain. He only laid around the first day. By the afternoon of the second day, he was asking if it was okay for him to drive. Brian isn’t the only one happy to have a new car. Josh is extremely happy to finally be able to call the older Mustang his.

It’s funny because Josh and his two best friends now all have their dream cars. Well, their dream cars for now, anyway. Lamborghinis and McLarens don’t count. So, now when they all go driving together, they don’t go in one car. They each drive their own in a little caravan.

I updated my July calendar earlier this week. I use pink ink for family things. There’s pink on every week – and it’s all Megan. That girl has a busy July planned. She’s going on a rafting trip and a mission trip, and she’s taking a driver’s education course. She’s not too excited about that one. We also threw in a few doctor’s appointments just for fun.

After filling out my calendar, I realized that it’s going to be at least mid-August before we start school this year. I’m not thinking about it yet, though. After July 4th, I’ll work on our calendar and start thinking about specifics for subjects.

Have you started planning yet?

I think Wednesday was my favorite day this week because it was the only one I didn’t have to leave the house. At all. I got so much done.

I posted a question on the WUHS Facebook group Wednesday morning, asking for family favorite meal ideas. I think I may have found a new favorite – buffalo chicken. I served it on Hawaiian sweet bread rolls. My pickiest eater went back for seconds – and told her boyfriend about the fantastic meal I fixed.

The best part may have been how simple it was. I used my Instant Pot. Super simple. All I did was put 3 or 4 boneless chicken breasts in the pot. I whisked together a cup of Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce and a packet of ranch dressing and poured the over the chicken. I cooked it 20 minutes on manual with a 10 minute natural release. Easy peasy.

I did decide to add half a block of cream cheese, cubed, after it was done since the sauce looked a little runnier than I’d like. Yum! I’ll definitely be making it again.

Sorry for no pictures this week. I’ve barely had time to look up, much less take pictures.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Ooh! That buffalo chicken sounds good. I’ll have to go back and find the recipe. I did start planning the new year, but I’m actually rethinking what I have planned because I found a unit study I really want to try. My poor kids. I am so fickle.

  2. That buffalo chicken sounds awesome! I may just have to try it!
    Too bad about the wisdom teeth, I remember when I got mine out. Josh handled it better than I ever did.
    I’ve been planning since February for school this coming fall. I’ve even partially bought what we need. I’ll be all done planning the first six weeks and have all the curriculum by the end of August.

  3. I’m beginning to think summer is a bust! Well, for relaxing that is. 🙂 Looking like school is mid-August here as well.

    And ahhhhh the fun of wisdom teeth. Laurianna is getting there – hope Josh is too!

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