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kris_weekly wrap-up

Happy Friday! I hope this week’s wrap-up finds you celebrating the conclusion of a wonderful week. I know that, for some of you, it won’t. For you, I’m hoping that next week is better and that the weekend rejuvenates you.

It’s been a good, busy, productive week around the WUHS house. I’m trying to remember what happened Monday, but that is a distant blur in my memory now. Tuesday, Brianna had her first cast meeting for her first-ever play. She’ll be playing an Oompa-Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Some kids might be disappointed in a relatively small role, but Brianna is thrilled. It gives her a chance to see what it’s like to be in a play without the stress of a speaking part. There is dancing, though. Yes, the little Oompa-Loompas will have choreographed dance parts.

Sewing Basket[3]

We had Megan convinced to let me email the play director and see if Megan could be an Oompa-Loompa, too, since some of the kids apparently decided they didn’t want that role and dropped out. Turns out, though, that Brianna wants this to be her thing without the interference of a little sister. I can understand that. The next play is fair game for either of them, though.

Today, Josh turned the hook that my birdfeeder hangs on so that we can see both sides from the dining room window since the birds always want to sit on the far side. We were watching them – a couple of cardinals and a chickadee – when I commented that I needed to work on the feeder so that it was angled so that I could see both sides.

“That’s easy,” Josh piped up. “Just turn the hook.”

Well, duh. That’s why I keep him around – he’s a great problem-solver. That and the fact that he makes me laugh. Okay, I keep him around for lots of reasons, but he really does frequently see solutions to things that I’ve missed – things more complicated than turned bird feeder hooks.


I think I’ve probably said this before, but I am loving Trail Guide’s built-in catch-up day! It’s made Fridays such a relaxing day. And, no, that doesn’t mean that we’re sitting around doing nothing. It does mean that we can plan extracurricular activities and not feel stressed and rushed trying to get everything else done.

Yes, I know I could have done that before, with my own planning, and I tried, but I never did quite pull it off in a way that felt like Fridays do now. Today, we had some things to catch-up because of an appointment Wednesday afternoon. We were able to get those things done, along with the things from Trail Guide that we typically do on Fridays and math and still not feel rushed and stressed.

Josh was supposed to have another drum lesson today, but his friend – whose dad is giving him the lessons – called to say that his grandpa had a stroke. They don’t know, yet, how severe it is, but I know the family would appreciate your prayers for his recovery.

Lazy Cat[3]

Josh took this one of the lazy cat asleep in my lap.

I got in one of those cleaning fits today after waking up early. I managed to clean out the kitchen cabinets, the fridge, and the “pantry” in the garage. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and vacuumed! I wish those moods would hit more often. My house would be a lot cleaner.

I have also claimed the Mom-of-the Month award (because I know the excitement won’t last for a full year) today when the mail arrived. There were three packages – it was a fun mail day! One was a new game for our family game nights – Guesstures – the second was something for me and the third was what won me the award.

Megan has been looking for The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary for weeks in order to complete her Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection and hasn’t been able to find it. I had some Amazon credit, so I ordered it for her. She was watching me open the packages. I opened that one and said, “Well, I don’t know why they sent me this book. I won’t read that.”

She was so excited! I love being able to do stuff like that for my kids sometimes. It makes me feel as good as it does them.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Prayers for your friend's grandpa 🙁 And what a great feeling to have a cleaned out pantry! I think dancing like an oompa loompa sounds fun! We have some drama girls over here as well- participating in the Jungle Book.

  2. The Jungle Book sounds fun. The next one here is Ramona Quimby. It's at a theater closer to the house, too, which is a plus.

  3. I always get a hoot out of your cat photos!  I am not a cat lover myself, but have two small dogs whom we always catch in funny positions!

  4. Our curriculum (MFW) allows for an easier Friday too. It's nice to know we can end the week without the major stress of a super-full school day.

  5. My oldest daughter and I went and watched one of her good friends be an Oompa Loompa in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last spring.:-)

  6. I'd love to tell you more, but I am clueless. I know nothing about flowers. The only thing I know about that one is that my daughter picked it out in the yard. Sorry!

  7. That cat brings me so much joy. He has the best, craziest personality. I've had a few people who aren't really cat people tell me that they like him because of his personality. I'm glad it comes across a little bit in the photos. He was a stray that we brought home. I was talked into it by the kids because I've always wanted an orang tabby. There were a few months when I really thought I was going to regret giving in, but now I wouldn't take anything for him.

  8. Can you send the cleaning bug my way?  I so need that one, it's just there's so much else to be done and cleaning is not so much fun, sigh…

    Looks like you guys had fun otherwise, thanks for sharing your week!

  9. Sounds like a great week! congrats to Brianna for her oompa-loompa role! And love those problem solving hubbies 😀

  10. I just love your photos.
    Prayers for the grandfather and the family.

    Can you pass on some of that house-cleaning-feeling this way? It's been awhile since it's hit here and it's starting to show!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. That was actually my problem-solving son. He's going to make some lucky girl a great husband some day. And, I do have a great problem-solving husband, too. 🙂

  12. Thanks for your prayers and for the compliment on my photos. As I told Paige, I'm a little afraid to try to send the cleaning bug to other people since it shows up so rarely here. 😉

  13. Ahhh.  I've always picked them with no leaves…so when I saw the leaves, I thought that you had been sprouting them or something.  Gotcha now though. 

  14. Sounds like a great week!  We'll be praying for your friend's grandfather.

    I've been thinking about a new game for us to play as a family.  Haven't looked at Guesstures, but it sounds like fun!! Going to check it out:)

  15. I am seriously interested in Paths of Settlement for my 4th grader next year.  Any ideas on when you'll lay out a full review for us?

    I've got so many questions & am finding trouble finding full reviews that cover the practical matters like how many actual hours it takes to do the lessons, how easy it would be to separate each subject out for record keeping (I have to track my hours for the state & separate them as core/non-core.), and if there really is enough variance to keep up the interest or does it just feel like you are doing history, all day & every day.I keep going back to their web site & looking at the materials but these questions are keeping me from having that confidence that *this is it*. KWIM?  ;O)
    Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

  16. How excitiing to have a part in a play, and a great role to start.  I think it's good that you allowed this play just for her.

    I'm the same way with cleaning.  I get a sudden spurt of energy & motivation to clean , hoping it will last longer than one day – or sometimes one hour!

    I love your pictures!

  17. I plan to post my full review sometime in March. Thank you for your questions because I'll keep them in mind as I post my revivew. I'll tell you that, for us, it does NOT feel like doing history all day every day. We really, really enjoy POS. Because each activity that you do lists what general heading it might fall under (i.e. geography, history, science, thinking skills), I don't think you'll find it difficult to seperate the subjects for record-keeping. We probably spend 3-4 hours on POS work.

  18. Hey MissouriMom…. As the publishers of the curriculum, you may think that we are a bit biased. 😉 But….. we would love to answer some of your questions and tell you the feedback that we have heard from some of our other customers. Perhaps not as impartial as a review from Kris, but we would still love to help you. You can drop us an email info AT geomatters.com or call us at 1-800-426-4650. The biggest feedback that we get from our customers is that they love the flexibility. They can choose how much time they spend on the work and let it vary based on what their schedule looks like at any given time or the interest level of their children. We look forward to hearing from you!

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