Weekly Wrap-Up: The B-O-R-E-D Edition

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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my confession on Wednesday. I said I was: b-o-r-e-d. {gasp}

I know what a confession like that can get you in some circles — more work! Don’t get me wrong: there were probably plenty of things I could have been doing — cleaning the bathrooms, scrubbing toilets, and mopping floors come to mind. I just didn’t want to do them. I was even tired of — dare I say it? — being on the computer.

I know. I know. That’s unbelievable, but lest you think I’m really sick or in need of professional care, I’ll let you in on something. I take that feeling of boredom as an indication that it’s about that time…time to resume school. When I’ve had enough staying up late and nothing-that-I-have-to-do days, it’s time to start thinking of getting back to a routine and, around here, routine means school because when we’re not doing school, we can’t seem to stick to any kind of schedule.

I’ve been thinking about it this week. As I told someone on Twitter today, my planning is in the planning stages. I posted about my mom’s retreat and some favorite planning tips earlier this week. Now to put them to use and get some of my own planning done.

The first part of the week was spent mostly hanging around the house, with a couple of trips to our new-and-improved local used bookstore thrown in for good measure. They just opened in a new location and it is awesome! I can’t wait to go alone so that I can spend some time browsing in that sea of books. While I was there, I picked up a copy of the AP Stylebook at the recommendation of a friend. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get into the publishing industry as a proofreader. I can see that being something that I would completely enjoy and that I could do from home.

Yesterday we went swimming with some wonderful friends. Do you have those people in your life who are just a blessing to know — generous with their time and talents and incredibly thoughtful? This family is like that. We go swimming with them several times during the summer. One of the highlights of our visit, for my kids, is making snow cones after we’re finished swimming. When we arrived yesterday, we found that this wonderful friend had a gift for my kids – their own snow cone maker! My kids were thrilled!

So, today, we made snow cones:

snow cones


snow cones 2

Josh looks thrilled, doesn’t he? It was just a fluke of the camera, though, because he really was excited about the snow cones.

That about covers the highlights of my week. I am planning to start planning, so be looking for posts, over the next two or three weeks, about what we’ll be doing and the curriculum we’ll be using this upcoming school year. Also, don’t forget that the Homeschool Showcase is coming up on Monday. If you haven’t submitted a post for the upcoming edition, be sure to do so by Sunday, 4 PM EST.

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  1. I used to be a proofreader, and I LOVED IT!! I still do some freelance work, and it's so delightful. It's a sickness, I know.

  2. I felt the same way about a week or two ago. It doesn't take long does it?

    PLEASE let me know how your proofreading journey goes. I've looked into that before, I'd love to do it as a job! I even took a test for it once. I did pretty well, not well enough :), but pretty well.

  3. I guess all that subliminal messaging worked — I'm FOLLOWING YOU ON TWITTER! So now you can follow me (hint hint). Just don't expect any updates.

  4. I didn't fully realize until today that we are totally on the same wavelength in terms of planning and getting organized. I like your posts on your mini retreat and your planning process. In the past I've been an obsessive planner & replanner for our homeschooling. I'm hoping to learn from my mistakes and be much more flexible this fall.

  5. We are right smack dap in the middle of planning next year.

    Aren't snow cones the perfect answer to summer heat?

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