Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Break

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Weekly Wrap-Up

This week turned out to be fall break for us. I’d planned to take Tuesday off following a field trip on Monday. Then, we’d do our outside classes on Wednesday and have a regular school day on Thursday and Friday.

By Tuesday afternoon, when my to-do list was still rather long, I decided we’d just take Thursday and Friday off too. After all, we usually take two weeks off in September for vacation. We didn’t go on vacation this year, so we’ve been working steadily since the first week of August. We were all ready for a break!

Monday, we met my in-laws for lunch, then went to the zoo before meeting up with some of the folks from our homeschool group for a tour of “Messiah’s Mansion,” a life-size replica of the tabernacle that the Israelites built in the wilderness.

It was the perfect day to go to the zoo. It was cool, so all of the animals were out and active. In all the years that we’ve visited the zoo, I have never seen the jaguar up close. Monday, he was lying right against the glass at the viewing station and we got to watch him clean himself just like a house cat would. It was awesome! He’s such a beautiful cat.


Our next stop was Messiah’s Mansion, which was very interesting, if a bit long. We were expecting a fifteen minute walk-through, but they actually take you to several stations within the tabernacle and explain the symbolism of the various aspects of the temple. We wound up being there for nearly two hours, so the younger kids were getting restless, but the explanations of the symbolism were very interesting.

We saw the outer court…

temple replica outer court

The inner sanctuary…

temple replica inner court

And the Holy of Holies…

temple replica holy of holies

Josh and Megan went home with Brian’s parents and Brianna had a friend spend the night, so Tuesday was like having a day all to myself! Ahhhh…heaven! I spent the day at home taking care of my to-do list blogging. Hey, we all need a day to do whatever we want every now and then, right?

Wednesday I had to drop Brianna off for an orthodontist appointment, meet Brian’s parents to pick up Josh and Megan, and get Josh to music class by 10:30, then, go back to get Brianna. I’m quite sure that I’ve mentioned not being a morning person, right?

We were supposed to have our co-op Wednesday afternoon, as well, but we had sick kiddos (my niece, “Nim,” has walking pneumonia), so we decided to call that off for this week. The kids and I missed it, but it was nice to have some unexpected free time Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday was chore day – for me! I made myself a list of things that I had to do before I could get on the computer. I really should have taken some pictures. I’d have had a nice “Tackle it Tuesday” post. I tackled the kids’ closets, rotating summer for winter clothes and culling out the outgrown stuff. I wound up with seven or eight large bags to donate. And, I actually managed to take them to donate on the same day! I was so proud of that. Usually, the bags sit in the back of my van for a few days.

I’ve still got things on my to-do list for today, mostly school-stuff, such as writing out lesson plans and making copies. Having heard wonderful things about Phonics Pathways from a friend who tutors both home schooled and public schooled kids in reading, I borrowed a copy from another friend. It looks really good. I think it may be really helpful for Josh, since I’ve been rather disappointed with Scaredy Cat Reading’s Level 3. I’ll be able to use it with Megan and even Nim, too. I also picked up some books at the local used book store, including Abeka’s A Handbook for Reading and a couple of workbooks with activities to reinforce all the phonics rules.

I plan to put SCRS back on the shelf for now and try those things, along with simply having the kids read aloud from their own books, as I’ve been doing. I hope to have some exciting things to report on the reading front before too long. Based on what I’ve seen, I think Phonics Pathways will give Megan just what she needs to really take off with reading fluency since it’s evident that she’s ready and appears to need little assistance. For Josh, I’m hoping it’s going to provide the order and cohesiveness to build his confidence. And, for Nim, it looks like the self-paced, low-key foundation that she needs.

Since we were off yesterday, I was able to get the grocery shopping done and there is nothing major on tap for this week. I love those lazy, relaxing weekend at home. So, even though there’s not much exciting to share on the school front this week, it was a wonderful and much-needed break for our family.

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  1. I can’t believe the mansion took that long! I am glad I didn’t take Luke. He would have been crazy by the end. I love lazy weeks! I have the feeling that this weekend is going to be lazy too!

    p.s. I like the button. I am going to have to grab that!

  2. I was so thinking about going to Messiah’s Mansion, kinda glad I didnt know. 2 hours would had been an long time for my little ones. Now, I would had liked it.

    I am so glad that Aimee was able to help you. She is always so helpful, just like you (grin)

    Have an great weekend.

  3. I have NEVER seen the jaguar up close either. He is beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When we went to the zoo the last time all the animals were active. It was so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing week. I think we should have done the same.

    The Messiah’s Mansion looks great. I had never heard of it before.

    Love the new look blog template.

    Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

  5. This week is my first Weekly Wrap-up!! One of my regular posts I read did it last week for the first time and it looked like fun. I am so glad I found your blog. I have been reading through some older posts. I enjoyed them and will be a regular reader now : )

  6. Your new blog template is fantastic. I was wondering how you managed to remove the little advertisement that cutest blog on the block usually has inserted into their templates. Please share.

  7. You just take off the last part of the code — the part that starts with the “less than” sign followed by “a href” and has their URL.

    Nothing personal against the Cutest Little Blog people, of course. I think they’re awesome and appreciate them sharing their talents.

  8. Hi! I just got to finish my weekly-wrap up post! I’ll be back to read about your week and all the others, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What a great week! I love it when I can relax a bit! It sounds like you got some good things done around the house. I’m afraid that if I go through Daniel’s drawers that they’ll be empty when I’m done! Good for you for bringing your bags to donate right away. Mine sit around for several weeks, usually, or I finally put them in my truck and forget about them until I need to put groceries in the car. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Why do I do that to myself?!?!? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for sharing your week. The zoo and tabernacle outing looked fun and interesting!

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