Weekly Wrap Up: The Hunger Games Edition

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I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday and are looking forward to an incredible weekend!

I think my Friday is pretty fabulous, but I’m awfully tired, so I’m not sure. See, I did something rather traitorous last night. Brianna and I have planned for months to go see the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games, but then she went and got a job at a movie theater and was scheduled to work during the premiere.

Yes, my sixteen-year-old was scheduled to work until 1 AM. I could have protested, I guess, but 1) it’s her first job and I didn’t want to rock the boat, especially when we’re not early risers anyway and 2) It would have been a little awkward me telling her manager that she couldn’t work that late then us showing up for the movie premiere. {ahem}

So, I wasn’t going to go see it until she could go. But, she has to work tonight, too. And, tomorrow until 6. And, then she wants to go to a birthday party after that and we have church on Sunday.

I wasn’t even about waiting until next week to go see the movie. Then, my cousin asked if I wanted to go with her because she wanted to go, but her husband didn’t want to go opening weekend. It was all more temptation than I could bear.

So, I went. To the premiere of The Hunger Games. Without my daughter. While she was in the lobby selling popcorn.

Let the record show that my enjoyment of the movie was tempered by guilt. Really. A little. I won’t even mention the squeal of delight that may or may not have escaped my lips when they showed a trailer for Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

I made it up to her today, though, a little bit. I made arrangements to drop Megan off for her book club, then, I took Brianna to the theater so she could watch the afternoon show before she has to work tonight. She has mostly forgiven me.

I really enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t sure, at first, but once it got into the story, it was really good and stuck very close to the storyline for the book, an important trait for me from a book-based movie. It lasted every bit of two-and-a-half hours, too. We didn’t leave the theater until 2:40. I’m tired today, but it was worth it.

Oh, this is a homeschool blog, right? Um, yes, we did do some homeschooling this week. The younger kids and have have been nearing the end of our second unit in Paths of Settlement. Next week is my favorite week – the end of unit week. They’ll be finishing the readers and working on their presentations.

It’s been really cool this week because we’ve gotten to the part in our biography of George Washington where it’s talking about Henry Knox taking a crew to go and retrieve ammunition from Fort Ticonderoga, which is what the entire book, Guns for General Washington is about. It’s really cool to read about something in one book that has become kind of familiar from another book.

Another really cool thing is seeing how events in George Washington’s life played out. For example, he was really disappointed, as a young man, not to receive a commission in the British army during the French and Indian War. He realizes, however, years later that if he had received a commission, he might be fighting against the colonial army, rather than for it.

It’s really fascinating to me when God gives us an opportunity to look back and see how He orchestrated things. It really drives home the idea that God sees the big picture when we’re only seeing the small puzzle pieces and not understanding how they fit together.

This was also our second week of using the SOAP Bible study method with my kids in our morning devotions. My kids’ insight really amazes me sometimes – particularly Brianna’s. It’s a blessing to me to get a glimpse into what God is doing in her life and how He is speaking to her.

I’ve got my second 5K of the season tomorrow. I’m hoping to break 30 minutes this time. I was close last time – 30:57. So, a minute faster and I’ve got it. We’ll see. I’m also hoping there’s time a for a bike ride and maybe catching up on some laundry (which isn’t too far behind, thanks to Megan, who voluntarily worked on it this week…don’t ask – I have no idea) and housework.

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  1. oh my word, HILARIOUS. we could totally be friends, you and me. 🙂  i chose not to hit the midnight showing last night (being as how if i even stay UP til midnight i'm a totally useless slug the next day.) and i so regret it now! i've heard great things about the movie (can't be as good as the book. they never are.) and plan on taking my two tweeny girls this Sunday 🙂 enjoy your weekend, my dear!

  2. No, it's not as good as the book because, as you said, they never are, but it is good. I think you'll enjoy it. Have fun!

  3. Oh, this gave me a nice chuckle ~ because I would have done the same thing! I'm with Jen on this, we could totally be friends…and I would have been squealing right along with you when the Breaking Dawn 2 trailer popped up! Makes me wish I would have gone now. I am looking forward to it and hope it goes along with the book, from your comments that looks promising. Thanks for sharing your humor (and your guilt ; ) and your fun evening!

  4. Cannot wait to see the Hunger Games!  Worried about the violence level though – what do you think?  Also – have you read Divergent yet?  Highly recommend it!

  5. HA – that made my night, hearing this story about going wo the midnight showing while your daughter is selling the popcorn!
    It's so nice to see another mom enjoying these "teen" movies. Sometimes I feel silly until I realize most ALL of us are closet fans of these books and movies. 🙂  I just finished book 3 of Hunger Games and can't wait to see how they do the movie.

  6. You'll have to let me know what you think of the movie when you see it. Brianna was mad because she thought they changed too much, but I (and everyone else I've talked to, so far) thought that it was very true to the book.

  7. I thought the violence aspect of it was very well-done. You know what's going on, but, for the most part, it's not very graphic. They used camera angles and action very strategically to show what's happening without being gory. There were some intense scenes and a couple of the violent parts were pretty graphic, but, generally speaking, it was done as tastefully as possible. I probably won't let Megan (10) see it, but I will let Josh (12) watch it. I'm going to wait and let my husband watch it and get a second opinion before I decide for sure.

  8. Brianna has already requested the Breaking Dawn premiere off! lol It was funny because her manager said they could probably do that since no one else had requested off yet. I thought, "Really? Nobody else has requested off 8 months in advance yet?" Made me laugh.

  9. I had heard about this movie and thought it was another Vampire one so didn't think to ask anyone what it was about. lol  A friend of mine told me about the books, so I will have to get the books before I see the movie.  I don't like doing it the other way around. 😉

  10. My daughter (13) was seriously bummed that we didn't go to the midnight premiere, but I told her "Mom is too old and feeble to go to bed at 3 a.m. and get up at 7 for work." LOL We did see it last night and both liked it very much. I'm only halfway through the first book, so I couldn't judge how true it was to the source material, but she's read all three books and was pleased with that aspect of it.

  11. I saw it.  (girlfriend talked me into going with her)
    I don't generally like to see movies about books I've read unless it's been a LONG time since I've read the book (that way I have forgotten details and don't notice minor changes that are made to keep the plot moving along).(I saw the first few Harry Potter movies then just quit watching them because I was so irritated at the lack of details and departure from the book)Well, I guess is hasn't been long enough since I read this book to fully appreciate the movie. I thought it was "fine"…but I MISS all the background story and details that the book gives.I also notice every little departure from the book. (which were necessary to fit it all in within a 2 hour time period and weren't main plot issues – it followed the book decently)But it's just not the same…Think I'm going to go read the book again just to feel satisfied. 🙂

  12. My older kids wanted to go the premier, but my son was leaving Friday for a youth group trip, and I thought that would be a bad way to start a weekend away- with no sleep.  Especially for my poor husband who was going with him as a chaperone.  So, I'm going to take them next week.  I'm more excited about the Breaking Dawn trailer than the movie. 🙂

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