Weekly Wrap-Up: The First One in 2013

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Happy Friday! We’ve had a great start to our first school week of 2013 and I hope you have, too…unless you’re still on break, in which case I’m slightly jealous.

I had a lot of fun this week taking random photos throughout our day and compiling them into collages at the end of each day. I’ve shared them on my Facebook page, so if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen them, but I’ll provide a bit of commentary to go along with them here on my blog.

Day 1 Collage

Monday was back to school with our first unit in Paths of Progress. In this unit, we’re learning about Robert Fulton, Samuel Morse, and inventions from the late-1700’s and early-1800’s. Science has been hands-on learning about work (force x distance = work) and friction.

It’s the first time the new kittens have experienced school and they’ve had to be right in the middle of everything. They’re always in someone’s lap, lying on the dog bed, or in my chair. Very often, there is a cat lying on the back of my chair and one in my lap while I’m sitting in the chair.

As you can see, it’s just business as usual with the dogs.

I got to feel very smart on Monday when I helped Josh refresh his math memory. Let me just say, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to find the circumference of a circle, and the area of rectangles and solids. I was pretty proud of the fact that those formulas managed to lodge themselves in my brain many moons ago.

Day 2 Collage

Tuesday was more of the same. I enjoy being back to our Bible study. Despite my good intentions, we did not keep that up over Christmas break and I missed unpacking Scripture with my surprisingly insightful tween and teens.

Yes, teens. Josh turned 13 over Christmas break, so I’m now officially the mom of two teens, though he’s looked like a teenage for about two or three years.

Day 3 Collage

Wednesday was back to Lexercise online dyslexia therapy for Josh. He did a progress check this week and I am so pleased! I knew I was seeing progress, but it was encouraging to see actual numbers with measurable data. I’ll be sharing the results with you in a review update next week.

Our littlest kitten looks even tinier lying on the giant dog bed…which she loves to do. She’ll even lie there with the dogs. They let her, but the two dogs and the two cats still aren’t completely comfortable with each other. There is still some hissing and growling in between the moments of choosing to peacefully ignore one another. It’s still progress, though.

See that healthy-looking salad? It was yummy! I used to eat salads once or twice a week, but I haven’t been eating them as much lately. Brian grilled some chicken this week, though, and that, along with the artisan lettuce I got at the store this week, called for a salad.

And, sweet tea. Always sweet tea.

Day 4 Collage

I came home from dinner with a friend Wednesday night to discover flowers from Brian. {dreamy sigh} They were just because. No special occasion. He wasn’t asking forgiveness for something. They were just because he was thinking of me. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

On Thursday morning, I ran 6 miles. My time was only slightly slower than it used to be and still within my acceptable range. I might just yet get myself ready for this half-marathon next month.

Josh did his Lexercise games. There was copywork and looking up words in the dictionary. The school day ended with sculpting with Sculpey clay. No complaints about that.

Today was a light school day since we stayed caught up this week. We were going to go to the animal shelter to walk the dogs, but it’s been raining off and on all day. We probably should have just gone anyway since it’s been so unseasonably warm, but I didn’t want to take a chance on getting there and it be raining.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. It’s Brian’s long weekend, Brianna gets off at 10:00 tonight (which is super-early for her on a Friday), and she doesn’t have to work tomorrow. That all sounds very relaxing to me.

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  1. Well, I think you should link up with Collage Friday 😉 I’ve been doing this collage compiling each Friday for the past year and it’s a great way to keep track of our weeks!

  2. Hello Kris,

    I enjoyed reading your post as always! I made a mistake trying to link up and ended up with two entries. One without a picture is not a link. I am sorry…thanks as always for hosting.


  3. Hello, I was wondering what the card index box has in it, what it organizes and how it’s organized? Also, what is your typical reading schedule? And you other homeschool moms can pipe in here, too:)!! Do you do a read aloud “literature” book with the family, plus have the kids independent read? If they independent read as well for how many minutes do you require? Any ideas to spark the joy of independent reading in my 12 year old who used to love reading in elementary school and now we’ve just hit a wall. He enjoys the read aloud time. Help!! Thanks!

    1. The box is our Scripture memory box – https://www.hsclassroom.net/2011/10/scripture-memorization/

      We do both read-aloud and independent reading time each day. I don’t require any certain amount of time. The kids have reading assignments from the curriculum we use (https://www.home-school-curriculum.com/learning_series/), so they read the assigned number of pages, however long that takes. Because my son has daily dyslexia therapy, I don’t require additional reading time from him. I don’t want him to view reading as a chore and come to hate it. My younger daughter usually spends time reading for pleasure on her own most days.

  4. I love your idea for a photo collage and have been thinking of doing something similar… you have inspired me to get more serious about starting! (Love the kitties too!)

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