Weekly Wrap-Up: The One in Which Much Was Accomplished

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I’m so happy for another weekend. Do you think there’s any chance that it will go by more slowly than the last one? Or the last week? Yeah, I doubt it, too.

It’s been a busy, but rather productive week.

02.04.13 Collage

Monday started with what has become a very rare “life skills” day. I used to call these impromptu cleaning days a little more often, until it began to seem like a reward for bad (or, at least, messy) behavior.

I had a laundry list (pun fully intended) of household chores to get done. I called the kids together and laid out the plan of attack, making it clear that this was to be considered a deep-cleaning work day not a “clean my room in 15 minutes and sit around on my behind while Mom does everything else” day.

To ensure that I was taken seriously, all cell phones, game controllers, and other electronic devices were placed on the kitchen table to be returned to their rightful owners once said owner’s to-do list had been completed and work inspected. {evil grin} The worked better than I could have imagined.

We dusted and vacuumed every room in the house, carried all dirty dishes to the kitchen, cleaned the kitchen/ran dishes through dishwasher, cleaned bathrooms, swept/mopped kitchen and dining room floors, cleaned all bedrooms, cleaned the basement game room/workout room, and washed as much laundry as time (and the slow dryer) would allow. Megan even bathed the dogs.

All that and people still got fed home-cooked meals. The cats (and dogs) were the only ones who got away with lying around all day.

02.05.13 Collage

Tuesday, we enjoyed our first-ever CurrClick Live class. We’ll have the second one next week and I’ll be posting a review on the 22nd. It was fun, though…and I had no idea that they offered classes like Algebra and foreign languages! I’m totally keeping that in mind for when Josh and Megan hit high school.

I was really excited to see how well the class tied in with what we’ve been learning out in Paths of Progress – it was about static electricity and we’ve been learning about electricity and  Benjamin Franklin.

02.06.13 Collage

I couldn’t help but take advantage of the gorgeous weather on Wednesday for my long run. I ran 11 miles! That’s the longest I’ve run since the half-marathon I ran last February. It was so nice being able to run in short sleeves with no gloves or hat. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous! And, of course, I had to treat myself to a bonus Spark when I finished.

Josh had one of his last few online dyslexia treatment sessions with Lexercise. He should finish up by the end of the month.

The other pictures are just all the crazy ways I caught our cats sleeping. And, that was just on Wednesday. They’re such funny little creatures.


Wednesday was kind of a sluggish day in which we were getting things accomplished, but not very quickly – thanks to a late start because of my run. Thursday was just weird. I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night, so I took a melatonin. After another hour and a half of tossing and turning, I took a sleeping pill.

Not a good idea.

I was just groggy and sleepy all day Thursday. After the kids finished all the schoolwork they needed my help with, I tried to take a nap. I dozed a little, but never did really sleep.I tried to go to bed early Thursday night, but after dozing off and waking up after about an hour, I couldn’t go to sleep again. I took two 1 mg melatonin and did finally go to sleep. I slept well and, after I woke up today, I got a good walking workout in on the treadmill and have felt much better.

The last few Fridays have felt extremely unproductive, so I was determined to get up and get moving today. It’s gone a bit better than the last couple of weeks and the rain finally cleared up enough so that Megan and I could go walk dogs at the shelter.

walking dogs

I’m seriously considering taking my laptop and heading to Panera early in the morning so that I can make some progress on a couple of projects I’ve been procrastinating about. Do you find that you’re more productive if you leave home to work?

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  1. Wow – you really did have a productive week! And I can’t believe you ran 11 miles. I think 1 or 2 miles would probably make me pass out! 🙂 Love the photos!

    I joined your linky…kind of a lame wrap-up; it’s been months since I’ve participated and months, really, since I’ve been in Blog Land, so I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ll do better next week. 🙂

  2. I am definitely more productive if I leave home! In fact, I go to my favorite hang…a study room at the library… tomorrow morning to finish a project. Nice and quiet! {sigh} can’t wait!

  3. I find my weekends always seem to go much faster than my weeks! 🙂 My house really needs a “life skills” day–especially after I was sick with the stomach flu one day this week. Wouldn’t you like to come practice here?? 🙂

    And yes to being more productive away from home–a few hours at Panera with my laptop sounds like wonderful.

  4. I am always more productive when I leave the house! There are just so many more distractions at home – kids, husband, dishes, laundry. Leaving the house just makes it so much more purposeful!

    Congrats on the 11 mile run!

  5. I never go away from home to work, but occasionally I close a few doors or get up at 5AM. That works for me.

    Most of my stuff is at home, and with my current projects I need my papers, files, and more around. Besides, I love being home.

    Sounds like a good week, except for the sleeping episode.

  6. Oh, for SURE more productive when I leave the house! I work a part time job and the days I go somewhere to work, I can bang out a ton of work! Even more if I’m paying a babysitter since I feel the time crunch!

  7. Hey, congrats on your 11 mile run! And the deep-cleaning day, too. We SO need to do that. I’ll be interested to read your review of the CurrClick live class. I’ve bought several resources via CurrClick and looked at their live class offerings. I’m particularly attracted to science and foreign language options.

    Happy weekend!

  8. this is related to your sleep problem. Do you notice that you have trouble sleeping after using the “Spark” product? I just noticed that you posted that you had an energy drink and then that night you couldn’t sleep. Just thought I would mention it since it stuck out to me in reading your post. Anyway, have a wonderful week.

    1. No, my history of insomnia goes back long before I started drinking Spark. I drink Spark every day and usually don’t have trouble sleeping. My insomnia patterns really have no rhyme or reason. Spark isn’t really an energy drink like most people think of energy drinks. It’s got some caffeine in it, but no more than a single cup of coffee (which I don’t drink…bleck!) would have. If anything, my trouble sleeping probably came from the extra refill of sweet tea I got before I left Chick-Fil-A.

  9. Their sweet tea does it every time for me 🙂 Love the stuff but it messes up my sleeping too. Haven’t tried the melatonin stuff but someone else mentioned it to me. I have some trouble getting regular sleep. Even when I am exhausted I can’t seem to fall asleep some nights. May have to try it out.

    1. LOL Yeah, I can usually handle my cup plus my one refill. I should know better…more than one refill does it to me nearly every time. I have that same problem of being exhausted and unable to fall asleep. It’s SO frustrating! And, then, it’s harder to fall asleep because I’m frustrated. Crazy stuff. Do try the melatonin. It usually works great for me.

  10. Good week! Your dark colored cat looks like mine! She lays on her back like that, too! I didn’t know currclick offered classes! I just signed up for one!

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