Weekly Wrap-Up: The One That Was So Busy

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Oh, my word! You know those school break weeks that are so busy they make you wonder how you ever get anything done while you’re doing school? It’s been one of those. It’s mostly been household and blog stuff that’s kept me busy – not running errands, thankfully – but, still…I’m ready for a break from my break.

Megan was excited to get her second Little Passports package while I was out of town last weekend. She is obviously the daughter of a blogger – she didn’t rip into everything until I could get home and snap a couple of photos to share with you. {grin}

Little Passports Japan

This month’s package was from Japan. It contained a luggage tag (with the special code to play games online at Little Passports); stickers for the map, passport book, and suitcase, a photo (always a favorite with Megan because it’s a real photo), origami paper and instructions, and – her favorite this month – plastic sushi.

She said Brianna was trying to take the sushi from her. When I go by the library this weekend, I’m going to pick up a book on Japan so we can turn this into a low-key geography lesson. We may even make sweet sushi. Yum!

Maybe I can convince Brianna to give Megan an anime drawing lesson. Brianna loves anime and is quite a talented little artist.

That’s it. That’s the most academic thing we did this week. I’m not complaining, though. I couldn’t have timed our week off any better. Though it wasn’t planned, it happened to fall on the week I returned from Savvy. It was nice to be able to catch up on laundry and online stuff without stressing over school, too.

On Monday, Josh, Megan, and I will be starting the last unit in Paths of Settlement. We’ll finish before Christmas break and be ready to start Paths of Progress in January.

Brianna just finished the Uncle Eric World War I book – which she really enjoyed – and will be starting on World War II on Monday. She’s looking forward to this unit because WWII has been a big interest of hers for many years.

Oh, and my big exciting news is that our Sleep Number Bed is being delivered tomorrow! By Saturday night, I’ll be doing this in my own Sleep Number Bed:

Sleep Number Pillows

Except, I may be doing that by Saturday afternoon. Brian and I may have to take a nap, just because.

Tonight, we’ll be moving the old mattress and box springs so that we can vacuum up all the dust bunnies that have been living there longer than I’d care to admit. {ahem}

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  1. I love that kind of week! Sometimes it’s nice to be doing something different. But I’ll definitely also agree that it’s lovely to get back to the normal busy when it’s all done! We have a couple of weeks yet before our next week off, but I’m looking forward to it. Happy napping!

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