Weekly Wrap-Up: The one where I rambled

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Ours has been mostly good with a wet and rainy start to fall.

I’m actually very thankful for the rainy, overcast week we’ve had because our air unit went out Tuesday. Thanks to the rain, we had highs in the mid-seventies to low-eighties outside, rather than mid-eighties to low-nineties. With the doors open and the fans on, it’s remained fairly pleasant in the house.

Brian’s parents got Brianna and Andrew a portable air conditioner as a wedding gift because the apartment they were in only had an air unit and it didn’t work very well. When they moved into their new place at the beginning of the month, they didn’t need it anymore. It was sitting in Brian’s parents’ garage while they decided if they were going to try to sell it or do something else with it.

I think we’re just going to start calling her Snoopy.

On Wednesday, Brian went and got it for our room, which is always the hottest room in the house even with the air unit working. It was miserable Tuesday night, but the last couple of nights, even with our air unit out, we were sleeping under the covers with that handy little air conditioner. Josh works nights and sleeps during the day, so he took advantage of it by sleeping in our room.

Megan considered camping out in our room, too, but her room wasn’t too bad with the window open and the fan on. First-world problems, I guess. I know we’re very fortunate.

One thing that has really excited me again this week is seeing Megan really take ownership of her schoolwork. I don’t think she’s ever worked as diligently as she has this year. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve found the right mix of curriculum for her or because she’s in 11th grade and knows she needs to be prepared for life after high school.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty exciting. Even though she was commenting on how much work she has (it is a lot, but I feel that it’s right where she should be as a junior), she kept plugging along and figured out a plan to get everything done. It makes my homeschool mama heart so happy.

On the remodeling front, we’re rather impatiently waiting to get started. We’re waiting for our home improvement loan to be finalized so that we can get the cabinets and countertop ordered. You know, a little more hurry up and wait.

Megan’s cat tried to give me a heart attack. I went to get something out of the storage cabinet and all of a sudden there was a face peeking at me from the top of it.

I am so anxious to get started! I discovered this week that Brianna enjoys wandering around antique stores, too. I had no idea! We wandered around one for about an hour Tuesday night.

That may be our thing now because we’re going with a rustic look with our remodel, and I really want to decorate with antiques and distressed stuff. I keep seeing stuff I love, but I want to wait until I know what we’re going to do before I buy a lot.

I’m going for a rustic/modern farmhouse look, not explosion of crap from the antique store. {grin} Brianna’s not especially helpful. I keep seeing things I like and commenting that I’m not sure what I do with it, and she gives me fantastic ideas. Between the two of us, I’ve really got to guard against the explosion of crap look.

Like, the other day, we saw these nifty old wooden drink crates. One of them had lots of small slots instead of the bigger ones that you usually see for drink bottles. Brianna suggested that it would make a great spice rack.

Why, yes. Yes, it would. I made myself leave it for now, though. I want to see the finished product that is our kitchen before I buy too much.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend. I’ll try to stay out of the antique stores. Y’all have a great one!

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  1. I love walking around antique stores too and I love that rustic look as well. Can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

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