Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where the Toad Returns

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Happy National Lazy Mom Day! I gave you notice last week, so I hope you celebrated accordingly. With Megan’s American Girls book club this afternoon and the fact that my people like to eat, necessitating a trip to the grocery store, I didn’t get to celebrate quite as much as I’d hoped. I did wake without an alarm today, though (earlier than I thought I would), and let the kids sleep in a little so I could enjoy some peaceful time alone before they got up. Not a bad start to lazy mom day.

It’s been a busy week around here. I don’t think we’ve really done anything of great import, it’s just been busy. Do you ever have those weeks?

We’re in our second week using WriteShop. So far, so good. I’ve helped everyone with a practice paragraph and everyone has written a sloppy copy on their own. Next week we’ll do edits and final revisions. I’ve actually been impressed with everyone’s work, so far.

Megan’s first assignment has been to write a letter of invitation. That worked out great since her birthday is next Friday. She’s been working on a real letter of invitation to send to her cousin. I gave my sister a heads-up since she won’t write the final draft until next Wednesday. I thought they might like more than two days’ notice.

Brianna finally finished the cape she started (with the help of a dear friend of mine, not her domestically-challenged mother) weeks ago. It turned out great and she already has the material to start another one.


cape back

Remember our toad? You may remember that we kept her inside for a couple of years, then released her in the spring year before last. When we released her, Brianna took her to the wooded area at the end of our street so she’d be safe from the dogs (one of whom we’d rescued her from) and cats.

We almost brought her back inside because she wouldn’t leave the spot where Brianna released her. She finally left the spot, but came back to the house and set up housekeeping right outside our garage.

All that summer, we’d have to look for her before we pulled the cars in or out of the garage because she’d be sitting right there. We were going to bring her in for the winter, but she disappeared.

We didn’t see her at all last summer, but now she’s back! You may be wondering how we know it’s the same toad. I guess it may not be, but if it’s not the same one, someone had to have kept this one for a pet because I’ve never seen a toad more tame than the one we had.

This one that has reappeared sits and lets us scratch her on the head like the one we kept used to. Not only that, but she leans into it like she likes it, just like the toad we kept used to do. She sits right in front of our garage door and lets us pick her up without trying to get away. I guess it may not be the same toad, but it sure seems like it is. The kids were begging to bring her in last night. I almost gave in, but I didn’t. Yet.

While we were working on our Paths of Settlement stuff the other day, I looked down and noticed this:

Penny with shoes

Yep, that’s our dog – hugged up with Brianna’s smelly work shoes and dirty socks. Weird animal.

I think that’s it for me today. After having a horrible, really-need-chocolate, maybe-I-should-send-at-least-one-of-my-kids-to-public-school kind of day yesterday, I’m going to commence enjoying the rest of National Lazy Mom Day today. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. I had one of those days yesterday, too. I’m feeling better today, though. 🙂

    On another note, why is it that whenever I try to copy and paste your button, all I get on my blog is a line of code? What am I doing wrong?


  2. That is some toad story! Love your dog and the shoes too…precious.

    I wish I could have had celebrated Lazy Mom’s Day around here but it is still nice to be looking back at the week from Friday afternoon. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the link-up.

  3. thanks for mentioning that you had one of “those” days.. we started school this year with a couple of those days in a row. unfortunately the kids have wised up to the fact we dont want to send them back. its good to hear that even seasoned homeschoolers have those days.

  4. That IS an amazing toad story. Our toads made themselves scarce this summer too — we guessed because of the drought. One appeared last week, after we finally got rain, and I happened to also post about it this week. We’ve never had one be as friendly as yours, but the children will notice markings on them that make them think they are the same ones we’ve seen before at times.

    Yes, I definitely have weeks where I’ve been very busy but I can’t think what I’ve done of importance. I’ve had whole months like that! But just being a mother is important, though progress comes slowly, so I try to remember that.

    Brianna did a great job on her cape! And the dog photo is cute.

  5. That picture of your dog cracks me up! And that could very well be the same toad! I think you should take it into your home. 🙂 The cape is totally awesome!

  6. I love your daughter’s cape! Also, the tale of the toad was so sweet. When I was little my mom rescued a baby rabbit from our neighbor’s dog. We cared for him for a few days before releasing him in the woods across the street. After that, every spring, our yard was the local hang out for all the area rabbits. It was so neat!

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