Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with ferrets and butter crocks

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. It’s finally starting to feel a teeny bit like fall here.

Of course, the cooler temps didn’t arrive in time for the outdoor festival we attended when we went to see Brianna last weekend. It’s hard to enjoy a fall-themed festival when you’re pouring sweat because it’s nearly 90° in October. {sigh}

Life in the south, y’all.

Are there any other ferret owners out there? If so, heads up, because I’m about to share something that may change your ferret-owning life. Okay, so I never wanted ferrets because they stink. And, then we kept Brianna’s ferret, Dobby (named after the elf in Harry Potter because both like to steal socks) for a week.

He didn’t stink if I cleaned up after him regularly, and he was so much fun and had such a great personality, that we decided to get our ferret, Sophie.

Then, Brianna and Andrew moved into a new apartment. Because of  the pricy pet fee and the fact that they’re worried he might damage the carpet, we have Dobby again. Probably permanently.

Y’all, I was doing pretty good cleaning up after one ferret, but two of them were kicking my butt. We were about ready to try to rehome Dobby because the smell was so bad. Then, last week, I came across a video on YouTube (completely by accident because I was there for something else) on keeping a ferret cage clean.

This lady is brilliant, y’all. Last Friday, Brian and I went out and bought the supplies that she recommended that we didn’t already have. Then, Sunday afternoon, we put the ferrets in their pet playpen (yes, for real) so we could tackle the room. Brian steam cleaned the carpet while I took their pen outside and scrubbed it down.

It took about 3 hours to get everything cleaned and set up based on the suggestions from the video, but it has been so worth the effort! The smell is completely under control. Even Megan has said so and she was the most vocal about how bad it was. (Maybe because the room where we keep the ferrets is right next to her room. {ahem})

So, if you have ferrets and you’re having trouble with the odor, or you’ve considered getting a ferret but that’s what’s holding you back, check out the video. It was a lifesaver – particularly since Dobby is apparently a very smart ferret. As soon as we started talking about rehoming him, he became the most loving, playful ferret ever. Well, except for Sophie. She’s the sweetest. {grin}

It was seriously as if he were saying, “No. Don’t send me away. Look how cute and sweet and fun and loveable I am!”

My to-be-read pile: Fellowship of the Ring and A Man Called Ove

I mentioned a while back that, as part of our remodeling project (which is taking forever to get underway), I’ve been scouring antique stores looking for rustic décor. I’m trying to be careful about what I buy because I love so much of it, but I don’t want to get so much that the house just becomes junky-looking.

Well, last week, I found a gorgeous piece that I’ve been purposely looking for – an old butter crock. I found it on Facebook Marketplace. (I so did not need to know that they have an entire antiques and collectibles category.) Because it was from an individual rather than an antique store, the price was much more reasonable than others I’d seen, and it was in much better shape.

I love it! Today, I’m meeting someone to buy a fantastic old Coke crate that I plan to use as a spice rack. And, Brianna is visiting this weekend, so we may go wander around the antique store a bit. I’m on the prowl for a vintage wooden ladder that I can turn into some shelves for the bathroom.

What’s going on with you? Is it feeling like fall where you live? What sanity-saving tip did you discover this week? What are you reading? Fellow moms of teens, what’s going on in your life since we can’t really share what’s going on in theirs?

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  1. I’m glad you were able to find a “stink” solution. My brother had ferrets at our house growing up and I well remember the smell! And you crack me up with the teen comment – amen. Since there is always so much one COULD share, but cannot. Sigh.

  2. I think it is funny that you are not happy with your 90 degree October days, and in the Dakotas and MN, we are not happy with our temps in the 30’s and the snow we got a couple of days ago. Where is fall?

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