Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with school and desks and stuff

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I know many of you started school this week. I hope it was a great one! We’ve been moving right along with school and it’s going surprisingly smoothly this year.

I told Megan before school started that I was fine being flexible with her work hours as long as she was getting her schoolwork done. She’s taken it very seriously this year and has been shockingly self-motivated.

We added in marine biology this week. She loves it and health. She was not enjoying her literature class so much. Because the two courses she loves are both from Apologia, I checked out their site to see what they have for literature and composition.

Their American Lit course is now on its way to our house.

I removed the ugly brass fireplace cover and this is what happened. They’re crazy, y’all. Crazy.

Our Lowe’s project specialist and general contractor came out on Wednesday to take measurements for our remodeling projects (master bath and kitchen). We should have some price estimates in the next week or so. We are both so excited! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the updates can be made within the budget we have in mind.

I spent last Friday cleaning up and rearranging our living room in preparation for my new desk. I found it on Facebook Marketplace. A local man builds them. We picked the desk up last Sunday evening and I love it! It is gorgeous!

I absolutely adore my new work area. It makes me feel so productive – except that I find myself stopping what I’m doing to admire my desk. {grin}

I may get the guy to build a matching cabinet to store papers and files. I’m just waiting for Brian to give me the go-ahead. And, I think he’s waiting to see how much our remodeling projects are going to cost.

This weekend may consist of going through 25 years’ worth of junk in the attic to see what we’re keeping and what we need to get rid of. Our attic is adjacent to our bathroom, so we’re planning to expand into that space if the cost allows. There’s a lot of junk in that attic, y’all. {sigh}

While I’m looking forward to remodeling, I’m already dreading the mess that comes with it. Well, that and having to use the kids’ bathroom for 6-8 weeks. I know it will be worth it, though.

Have a great weekend! If I’m not here on Monday, send someone to make sure I’m not buried under a pile of attic junk.

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  1. I’m super excited for you and your remodel! I feel your pain on the attic thing. We’ve been in this house only 3 years and I regularly have to beat back the clutter beast… which I am due for again :-/

    We had to switch Geometry curriculum this week. I felt bad switching so soon, I usually try to give these things more of a go… but when it isn’t working, you just know! I hope she likes the Apologia better.

    Love the desk! I repainted my office/study area last fall and really made the space my own (even though it is also a pass-through area) and just that paint and a bit of organizing made me feel more productive too. I couldn’t stop staring at my wall… I still can’t! The color is too fun and different from anything I have done before! So I hear ya on the desk!

    Love the crazy cats too!

    1. I can’t wait until we get the living room painted! It’s not going to be anything too wild, but it’s going to be a huge improvement over these colors we grew tired of a few years ago. 🙂

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