Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with spring fever and new curriculum

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had a wonderful Easter and a super-fantastic week? If so, yay, you! If not, I hope next week is better!

I’ve had a pretty awesome week. The first couple of days were a little busy, but I’ve managed to be a hermit since Wednesday. Y’all know how much I love being a hermit, right?

It’s spring break for the local schools. Since my niece’s preschool follows the school schedule, she’s been on spring break, which means I haven’t kept her this week. I love her so much and enjoy keeping her, but she’s 4, so it’s understandable that I get so much done when she’s not here. (I’m guessing her mom feels the same way.)

My beautiful babies – including the new one – on Easter

The last couple of days have been so productive and I’m incredibly thankful for that because my goal is to get as much of my online work completed in the first two weeks of the month as I can so that I can spend the rest of the month focusing on wedding stuff.

Yes, wedding stuff. I cannot believe that it’s here already and my firstborn baby will be getting married in just a few short weeks. This is how I feel every time I think of it:

{sigh} I can’t believe how quickly life goes by. I can still remember Brian and I planning our wedding.

Megan and I went to dinner Wednesday night and I saw this young couple come in with their baby. I had a flashback to when Brian and I were that young couple with our first baby and her whole life ahead of us.

This photo doesn’t look noteworthy, but I couldn’t even tell you the last time Megan ate a hamburger. She doesn’t particularly like them, but she was in the mood for one and scarfed it down in record time.

The saying, “The days are long, but the years are short” is oh-so-true.

We had some beautiful, spring-like weather at the beginning of the week. Something about having the windows open with the breeze blowing in inspired me to get excited about next year. (Because, seriously, next year is always so much more exciting than this year.)

I wound up ordering a Picture Study Profile (Van Gogh) and Music Study with the Masters (Beethoven) from Simply Charlotte Mason and the Lightning Lit (Early American) student book from a friend.

Then I went to our local used bookstore and picked up all the books (except Moby Dick, which they didn’t have)  that I’ll need for both American Lit and the British Lit (early-mid-19th) century since we’ll do it next if we like the first one and you might as well snatch up good books at a great price while you can.

I also contacted my friends at Geography Matters to talk them about reviewing their World Geography High School bundle.

I’m telling y’all, my brand of spring fever is weird. But, what else would you expect?

Next year, I’ll only be homeschooling Megan and I think it’s going to be an exciting year!

Now, I’m off to enjoy what should be a relatively low-key weekend. It may be one of the last ones I’ll get for awhile.

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