Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Sunshine

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Yay! I’m so happy it’s Friday…and I’m even happier because the sun is out! It may be only 46 degrees, but there is sunshine. That’s something that hasn’t been seen in these parts in nine long, dreary days. Yes, we’ve had nine straight days of rain, so I’m very happy to see the sun.

Again, I’ve had fun sharing my week in photo collages on my Facebook page, so I’m going to share them here and elaborate a bit.

01.14.13 Collage

Brian was off on Monday and it was pouring down rain, so we did something rare and unusual – we ordered pizza for lunch. It was so nice to be able to work on school while waiting for the pizza to arrive and not have to bother with lunch prep. I made sure to tip the pizza guy well and thank him for getting out in the rain to bring us lunch.

We also finished up Level 2 of All About Spelling and started on Level 3. We’re behind where we probably should be, but that’s okay. Spelling is spelling, and I’m glad the kids are getting such a systematic approach to spelling rules.

That extreme close-up of Lily, the cat? That’s because she was in my lap. One of the two of them always is these days. And, if not my lap, someone else’s. They’re rather spoiled. As you can see from the other picture, they’re also finally starting to get along with the dogs. Most of the time.

I am so loving my (relatively) cheap planner that I bought last week! It’s just what I was looking for – two page month-at-a-glance, followed by a two page week-at-a-glance with plenty of room for appointments and a to-do list each day. I’ve been much more productive this week.

01.15.13 Collage

When I went to the Savvy Blogging Summit last October, I was amused to hear how many other ladies were bringing along their beloved Spark.  When I posted this picture on Facebook, I had a couple of people comment that they started their morning with fruit punch Spark, too.

I have come to love that stuff almost as much as my sweet tea. I only drink one serving a day and I always look forward to drinking it. The picture above shows how well my kids know me. When Megan unloaded the dishwasher on Tuesday, instead of putting my Spark bottle (a.k.a. old Gatorade bottle) in the cabinet, she put it on top of my Spark container so I’d be ready to go. It made me smile.

Megan was very excited to receive this month’s Little Passports shipment. She told me she just loves getting those packages and seeing what’s inside. I’m not sure who had more fun with the ball and cup game from Mexico, Megan or Brian. {grin}

I love that I can turn those little packages into some low-key homeschool geography lessons. The Little Passports package and a library book about Mexico and we’re good to go.

01.16.13 Collage

The top left photo above is “command central” – the spot at the table where I spend the majority of my day. All the necessities are there: Bible, laptop, planner, cell phone, and Spark. The schoolbooks are on a nearby shelf within easy reach.

The next photo is what my dining room table really looks like most of the day. Following are the rather pricey markers my artist daughter needs to pursue her interests and part of the stuff that helps me stay healthy during cold and flu season.

01.17.13 Collage

Thursday started with a trip to the vet – this from the woman who hardly ever takes creatures to the vet. Yet, this is the second cat who’s been on antibiotics since we got the two of them in December. Luna caught a cold from Lily. Hey, she was miserable. I had to take her.

The photos of the cat sitting behind Josh’s head and the cat sitting in his lap? Yeah, those were taken at the same time, two different angles. It is no longer uncommon to have two cats piled up on any one of us at any given time.

Today, has been a bit different. Josh headed off to the forge this afternoon with his friend’s dad. I love that! To me that is such a great, hands-on educational thing for him to be doing. I’m so glad he enjoys it.

Later this afternoon, I’ll be taking Brianna to work, then, Megan and I will be going to the animal shelter to walk dogs. In the cold. I’d stay home, but Megan is begging to go and we haven’t been able to in three weeks. At least the sun is shining.

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  1. We used to love the Little Passports packages every month! I’m looking forward to my youngest getting them this coming fall; I used to get as much enjoyment out of them as my daughter did.

    Your cats continue to make me say “awww” on a regular basis. They are just too stinking cute for words.

    1. Thanks. The girls and I keep saying that Luna, the smaller one who is a little butterball, just makes us want to squeeze her. She’s just so cute.

  2. Sun? What’s that? We’re hibernating under 4 inches of snow tonight (England). We’ve got the fire lit, hot chocolate on the stove, dvd ready, husband languishing on the sofa – what more could a girl want? I’m off! Have a great week!

  3. I love All About Spelling too! Congrats on finishing level 2. We are almost there, ready to order the next book. Thanks so much for putting up this great weekly wrap-up weekly.

  4. I finally got re-subscribed to your blog after you changed over. Not sure why I had trouble at first. But coming back into your “fold” I realized how much I have LITERALLY copied from you! Thank you soooo so much for sharing how you do things. Your workboxes have been INCREDIBLE for my family. I needed something that would mimic “homework” sent from a brick school, but I wanted it organized and very independent for them. The folder and number system has been perfect for us. I am so grateful for this idea. Also, I had completely forgotten that I heard of Sam and Sophia because of YOU! I teach heavy in the math, reading, writing, but the social studies/geography sometimes takes a back seat. Sam and Sophia with LIttle Passports reminds me to keep that curriculum going, and it is super fun and clever. Let’s face it – who doesn’t like to get a little gift every month? When I read that you use All About Spelling, I wonder if I got THAT from you, too? We are doing All About Spelling AND Reading this year(because my youngest was struggling with reading), and the programs work so well together. THANK YOU for your ideas. They help keep me calm, and each one has been a “winner”!

    1. I’m glad you found your way back…and that I could help point you to some things that have proven to be a good fit for your family!

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