Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Heavenly Alone Time

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Have you had a wonderful week? I have and my husband has and I sincerely hope my children have. If you read my post yesterday about alone time, you already know why it’s been such a relaxing, reenergizing week at home.

I have missed my kids and I’m looking forward to having them all under one roof again (one is here and the other two will be before the night is over), but I’d be lying if I haven’t said that I have enjoyed this week of peaceful solitude and date nights with Brian.

Monday, I dropped my older two off at church so they could head off on charter busses for a week of camp. This is Brianna’s second year going with our church (though she’s gone with other churches that we’ve attended in the past – she’s always been a fan of camp), but it’s Josh’s first year.

Josh is very much an introvert like me, so it took awhile for him to decided to go. I think what finally tipped the scales was when one of the ladies who works with the youth was telling him how much fun it was. She told him that she’d dye her hair purple if he didn’t have fun.

I really kind of think he went hoping he wouldn’t have fun and he could call her on that. Yeah, he’s that kind of kid.

After dropping them off, I met my mom, who took Megan and my niece home for a week of “cousin camp” at her house. She told me last night at dinner that that was my birthday present. I’ll take it. A week of alone time was the best birthday gift I’ve had in awhile.

So, I spent the week doing some behind-the-scenes stuff on my blog, catching up on some guest post commitments, and doing a tiny bit of housework. (Okay, okay…I ran the vacuum on Tuesday and straightened up a bit. It counts.) Mostly, I just did what I wanted to do, enjoyed the peace and quiet, and relaxed.

In the evenings, Brian and I went to dinner and hung out, enjoying each other’s company and the peace and quiet.

It was so refreshing.

I’ve missed my guys, though, and I’m ready for everyone to be back home. We’ve got three more weeks of summer break before we give this year ‘round schooling a whirl and I’m looking forward to enjoying them.

In case you missed it, I had a guest post on Homeschool Blogging this past Monday, So You Want to Write Reviews. I thought it turned out rather well. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look if you haven’t already seen it.

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  1. A week of alone time sounds divine! I’m glad you had the chance to refresh and renew. Wishing you a wonderful week WITH your children now 🙂

  2. So glad that you had a refreshing week. I know how you feel though, when you say you are ready for everyone to come back home! And now I am going to check out your “writing reviews” post!

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