Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the kid who looked like mine

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Did you have a fantastic week? It’s been a busy one here, but that always seems to be the case these days.

Some kid who looked a lot like my daughter, but seemed to be taking her schoolwork a lot more seriously than my daughter usually does was working hard to catch up Tuesday evening.

She had an out-of-town visitor for her birthday. (It was a boy. He is really nice.) So, Megan got a little behind on school last week. I’ve never seen her work so diligently to catch up. And that health course? That girl is seriously enjoying it! I have never seen her as into a subject as she is that one.

Luna rarely submits to photos. I just happened to catch her snoozing.

We finally made some decisions on our remodeling project and we’re just waiting to get everything lined up to get started. We can’t afford to do the bathroom and the kitchen at the same time like we’d hoped, so we decided to start with the kitchen since it will make the biggest impact on the house as a whole.

We bought a new-to-us kitchen table and chairs Wednesday night that we just love. It was a great deal and had hardly been used. We’re most likely going to get a friend to stain the top a color similar to the new kitchen cabinets we’ll be getting. It’s going to be beautiful!

Oh, I can’t wait to replace that ugly, old floor!

We plan on starting some of the updates that we can do ourselves (such as painting and replacing interior doors) and sprucing up our bathroom a bit until we can do the big remodel. I think we’re going to tile and get a new vanity and sink. When we do the big remodel, we’ll move the vanity to the downstairs bathroom since it’s on our update list, too.

Yesterday, I picked up some old wooden windows. We’re going for a rustic/modern farmhouse look, so I’ve got decorating plans for the windows. They were exactly what I’d had in mind and were very reasonably priced.

Now, if I just had time to do everything in my mind without everything else falling behind. {sigh} Isn’t that the way it always goes?

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