Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Party

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Happy Friday! First things first, before I forget, would you take just a minute to answer a quick, three-question reader interest survey about a post series that I’m considering doing? I want to make sure there’s enough interest here because, if there’s not, I know exactly who to bug about guest posting. {grin}

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but it has been a gorgeous fall-like week here with cooler temps and beautiful, sunny, breezy days. I think the rain earlier in the week ushered in the wonderful weather for the end of the week.

The timing couldn’t have been better since, today, we enjoyed our annual Not-Back-to-School Party with our homeschool group today. Most of us have been back to school for several weeks now, but we like to wait until near the end of September to (hopefully!) enjoy the cooler weather. It doesn’t always work here in the south, but it did this year.


(I mean, seriously, where else would you expect my Teach Them Diligently bag to show up?)

We had a wonderful time with a great turnout. My kids enjoyed seeing some old friends that they haven’t seen in awhile and meeting some new ones. The party made me realize something a little bittersweet, though. It won’t be long until I’ll need to pass the party-planning torch to someone else.

My kids were among the oldest there and we welcomed a lot of new families with young children. It made me very nostalgic. Our homeschool group was started several years ago by a group of moms who met and became friends with young girls who met and became friends. It was me and three or four other moms. The mom who officially started the Yahoo group where we all interact was my friend, Christina.

We’re nearing the first anniversary of her death and she’s been on my mind a lot today. I miss her. I miss the years when ours were the little kids running around on the playground. It was a reminder to slow down and take some time to enjoy my family because, as the saying goes, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I’ve spent some time enjoying my family this week. We took Megan and my niece bowling on Tuesday for Megan’s birthday. Her birthday was last Friday, but the bowling alley has $2 Tuesday where bowling, shoe rental, and laser tag are all $2 each, so we waited until we’d be able to have more fun with less money. Homeschoolers are frugal like that. Or, we’re just poor because we’re a single-income family. Frugal sounds better, though.

We’ve only got two more weeks of our current unit in Paths of Settlement before our next break (and only one more unit before we move on to Paths of Progress). Can I just say how much I’m loving this six weeks on/one week off schedule? I never would have tried if it it weren’t for the fact that Trail Guide is set up in six week units, but it’s been wonderful. It seems that we’re never too far from a break when I start to feel like I need one.

It’s also nice to be able to plan things like doctor’s appointments or hair cuts while we’re on break. Except, I put off getting my hair cut on our last break because our errand day was already filled with doctor’s appointments. So, I got my hair cut this week. I figure that will make it about 8 weeks until our next break, so maybe I’ll just start making an appointment to get my hair cut every time we’re on a school break. That way, it won’t wind up being six months between cuts. {ahem}

Kris Sept 2012 2

We’ve really been enjoying WriteShop. I had a little trouble staying on schedule this week because we had some other things going on, but it wasn’t hard getting caught up. Megan is really enjoying the hands-on activities that go with WriteShop Junior and Brianna? Well, I thought she was way behind because she hadn’t turned in her paper that was due last week.

Turns out she had finished it, but had forgotten to give it to me. She gave it to me yesterday and I can honestly say, it was the best paper she’s ever written. Really. It had some basic grammar errors, but (and this is a huge but), it wasn’t full of run-on sentences, it was laid out in a way that made sense, and it was just interesting and well-written. I was so impressed! And, the funny thing? She actually enjoyed the pre-writing activity we worked on together yesterday. Um, yeah. I think we’re going to like WriteShop.

Our highlight for the week occurs this weekend. We’ll be seeing Tim Hawkins live! We missed him the last time he was nearby because the tickets sold out before we got around to buying them. We purchased early this year and we’re all so excited!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

And, then you know what? On Monday, we’re going to the Sleep Number store to get our IndividualFit 3D imaging and find our sleep number! That’s right. We’re getting a Sleep Number Bed! I am so stinking excited that I just can’t wait! I’ll be telling you all about it soon. I’m already daydreaming about sleeping on it. I’m not even going to tell you how old our mattress is. That’s partly because I can’t remember. It’s older than Josh and he’ll be 13 in December. Um, yeah, it’s time for a new bed.

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    1. Thanks, Tricia. I love my haircut! I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since I’ve had it cut or that I just really like the way this girl cut it, but I’m so excited about it. I’ve said a couple of times today, “I love my haircut.” I hope that makes me sound happy, not conceited. πŸ˜‰

  1. Isn’t it weird to realize your kids are the “big kids” now? I’m enjoying that they are more independent, but I’m not sure I’m ready for this whole growing up thing.

    Sounds like you had a great week. Love the photo of youj!

  2. Woohoo! We love Tim Hawkins! Have a great time!
    My only experience with sleep number beds was the month we stayed at a Ronald McDonald House after our son’s transplant. I’m guessing they were donated, and I’m also guessing they were older and heavily used, lol. It was a fun novelty to add to the experience and I can imagine how great it would be to own your own. Happy sleeping you you!

  3. I LOVE your hair cut…and that bag on the cow is PRICELESS! and I so love that quote: The days are Long but the years are short”…. so very true. I have been eyeing Write Shop – and we love our sleep number….just wish the pump had a longer warranty…we need a new one…Looks like a fantastic week!!!

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