Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the reader survey

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had a great week? I can’t complain. It was a birthday week and all. I really can’t believe how old I’m getting. {sigh}

The one thing I am going to complain about is the killer headaches I’ve had. If there are any guys reading, look away because I’m probably about to go a little TMI.

Belle really is a big, ol‘ softy.

Ladies, have any of you experienced headaches with {ahem} monthly hormonal fluctuations? These horrible headaches seem to be happening more predictably each month. I’m wondering if it’s a perimenopausal thing or something to do with hormones in general. If you have any tips, please let me know because nothing touches these headaches. Not OTC meds, not essential oils (at least not the ones I’ve tried), not sleep, not massage.

They’re not quite migraines, but they are sometimes bad enough to cause nausea and disrupt sleep. They’re pressure headaches in the temple and forehead area.

Okay, enough about my hormonal issues. Guys, you can come back now.

I’d love your help! I’m thinking about the direction I want to take my blog in the upcoming year and I’d love to know what you find helpful and what could make the site better. So, I’m conducting a reader survey that I’ll probably have running until Monday or so. If you’ve got 5 minutes, would you mind taking the survey? I really value your feedback and have found the responses I’ve gotten already super-helpful.


American Learning Library is offering free access for students this summer. I haven’t tried it before, but they sent me an email – because, seriously, y’all, there is always somebody wanting me to tell all my readers about something. Most of these get deleted, but this one actually looked really cool. So, there you go. I told y’all about it. {grin}

Tuesday, we had to take Megan’s cat, Sassy to the vet. She’s mostly an indoor cat but likes to go outside during the day. Something happened to her ear while she was outside on Monday. It looked pretty banged up. I cleaned it up and put some Neosporin on it with the intention of watching it and doctoring it for a couple of days before deciding if it warranted a trip to the vet.

Tuesday morning, I took one look at it and called to make an appointment for later that afternoon. We’re still not sure what happened. The vet never did really see a wound, but it was abscessed. They wound up having to sedate her to clean it up.

She looks pitiful since they had to shave the area, but she’s on antibiotics and acting pretty much like her normal self. Just slightly subdued. I think she’s just mad that we won’t let her outside. She doesn’t really care that the vet said she should stay inside for a few days until her ear heals.

Finn (a.k.a. Little Gus) found everybody’s favorite sun spot.

Josh and Megan leave for camp next week. It used to be a huge change for them to be gone all week. Now, with Josh working third shift and sleeping all day and Megan working and hanging out with friends, it’s really not going to be much different than any other week.

Our church has made one change that I appreciate and the kids love. Camp is usually a no-phone zone. The kids aren’t allowed to bring phones and will get them confiscated if they do. This year, the leaders have decided to let the kids bring their phones but they’ll only be allowed to use them in certain areas and during certain times of the day.

I have honestly always understood and respected why the kids weren’t allowed to bring their phones, but I also hated being cut off from them all week. Until the last year or so, we never even got a “we got here safely” text. So, I am looking forward to still being able to send and receive texts from them this year.

So, I guess it’s date week for Brian and me next week. That’s always fun.

Y’all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I’m in the same boat with the headaches. I’ve never been one to get headaches, but in the last 2-3 years I’ve started getting terrible headaches typically the day or two prior to my monthly. It took the longest time for me to figure out that duh, it was related to that.

    So, I’m no help at all other than to say you’re not alone!

  2. Maybe find a Creighton Model Practitioner in your area who can get you charting and into a NaPro doc. Clearly this is hormone-related and you want someone who specializes in restorative reproductive health who can actually really check your hormones and help support them. fertilitycare.org should have a listing of someone close to you. (I’m writing this as I nicely feel human again after starting the same crazy spiral of super early pre-menopause that my mom did. At 33. After having 4 healthy pregnancies and babies that, well, would likely have been differently without NaPro. And I’m a Pracitioner (on leave to homeschool!). So I always sound like I’m selling it but I’m more like that hairclub for men guy (I’m not JUST the president…I’m also a client!))
    You can also try taking out dairy. That helps lots of women too.
    Much peace!

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