Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the remodeling delay

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Happy Friday, y’all! I hope all of my U.S. friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Despite being more low-key than usual, ours seemed like a whirlwind three days of activity.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is only one day, but we had family gatherings spread out from Thursday to Saturday. I was a bit of a hermit on Friday.

It’s probably going to be a short and sweet wrap-up this week. It’s been a busy week of dental and hair appointments and catching up work and school.

What’s Happening in WUHS World

So, it looks like our remodeling won’t start until after the first of the year. {sigh} We’re disappointed and frustrated. Especially since the work was supposed to start in the bathroom. Now, we hear that our kitchen cabinet delivery will happen in the first part of January.

The cabinets will come to our house. Where they have to stay in a climate-controlled area.

Do you know what that means? It means I’m going to have kitchen cabinets sitting in my living room for weeks. It means I’m going to have to keep my dogs from eating them for weeks.

But I’m still excited about the remodel. I’ll keep repeating that as needed. I’ll probably catch myself mumbling it in my sleep.

In school, Megan has been playing catch-up. It’s not the most fun, but sometimes it happens. We sat down together on Monday and figured out which subjects she needs to catch up on. Then, I set up an adjusted schedule to help her get there.

I loved Monday afternoon when she told me about what she’s reading in American Lit. She still prefers playing Fortnite, but it’s cool to see her wrapped up in a good story. Well, a moving, emotional story. It was pretty sad, so “good” isn’t quite the right description.

From the Archives

Did you catch yesterday’s post? I completely updated and overhauled a post I wrote a few years ago, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling High School.

I figured now that I have two homeschool grads and a high school junior, I know a little bit more about homeschooling high school than I did back then.

What Y’all Loved This Week

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  1. So sorry about the delays. Hopefully the cabinets will be wrapped/boxed so the dogs can’t use them for a chew toy.

    Loved the Ultimate Guide to High School!

    1. Thanks! We got a surprise phone call last night. They’re going to go ahead and start on the bathroom this coming week! We’re expanding into what is currently our attic area, so they’re going to start working on getting that framed in. Yay!!

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