Weekly Wrap-Up: The Sweltering One

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week. We’ve had a hot week. Our air unit was not a simple fix. Lucky us. We got to buy a whole new heat and air unit. {sigh}

We got some recommendations and had some folks out to give us estimates. The company (a father-son team) we decided to go with (who came highly recommended from several friends) told us on Tuesday that they were several weeks out in their scheduling, but they would try to do some shuffling since we had no air at all.

These boys have enjoyed a lot more time outside this week since I’ve had the deck doors open so much.

They called Wednesday morning and said they could get it installed on Thursday if that would be okay. Yes, please! When I got up Thursday morning, before 8 a.m. it was already 83° in the house – and 69° outside!

After I started opening doors and windows that we’d had to shut for the night and got a few fans running, it dropped to 81°. I was extremely thankful to see the guys show up to work on our unit!

I’ve also been extremely thankful for the portable air conditioner we borrowed. We’re going to move it to Josh’s room now that we have air again. Despite being in the basement, his room stays pretty hot. If the air conditioner helps, we’ll probably buy it from Brianna and Andrew.

Brian hates it because it’s really loud. To me, it’s just a good white noise machine. I always wake up and think it’s raining. It will be perfect for Josh since he works third shift.

On the school front, the kid I know and love so well is back. Translation: I’ve had to nag her all week about schoolwork. Oh, well. At least there are little spurts of self-motivation. They give me hope.

I’d like to give a shout-0ut to HomeEducator.com, a new website with some fantastic resources for homeschoolers.  Plus, they’ve got a fun giveaway to celebrate the launch of their site.

Now, I’m off to enjoy my weekend – in air-conditioned comfort once again! Have a great one, y’all!

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