Works for Me Wednesday: Keeping Lettuce Fresh

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I don’t know about you, but I eat a lot of lettuce these days.  For everything from burrito bowls for lunch to tasty salads with my favorite toppings, I have to have lettuce in my fridge.  I’ve found that the secret to keeping lettuce fresh is pretty simple, two-fold procedure:  air-tight storage and a paper towel.

First, I place the lettuce in a plastic bag — usually just a plastic shopping bag for my green leaf lettuce or a zip-lock bag for my shredded iceburg lettuce.  I toss in a paper towel, then squeeze out all the air.  If I’m using a zip-lock bag, I fold the bag in half, just above the lettuce’s “fill line” and squish it on the counter top, sealing as I squish.  I usually unseal a small opening and make sure that all the air is out.

If it’s in a plastic shopping bag, I just squeeze out all the air and twist the top of the bag shut, folding the extra around the bag, rather than tying (because I can never get it opened again if I tie it).

This technique keeps my lettuce fresh and crisp for at least a week, usually.  Even iceburg lettuce that’s been shredded with a metal knife stays pretty fresh.  I may have to pick out a few pieces that have browned, but there’s usually plenty of lettuce that’s still green for up to a week.

Now, if you’re wondering about my favorite toppings, they are:  calamata olives, pepperoncini, low-fat feta cheese, and my yummy new salad trail mix, topped with my low-fat Italian dressing.  The trail mix is to die for!  It’s just a mix of Craisins (about 1/2 cup), golden raisins (1/2 c.), walnuts (1/4 c) and sunflower kernels (1/4 or less).  I put two tablespoons of that on my salad for about 88 calories and 4.4 fat grams…and lots of yum!

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  1. I'm going to try this. We eat tons of lettuce around here, too. We love our salads! Frankly, it really doesn't last that long before someone eats it, but there's always that 'last serving' that gets forgotten because I decide to make cooked vegetables.

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