Works for Me Wednesday: Visualization

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When I was on Weight Watchers — and even now — I’d sometimes get really frustrated with those one pound loss weeks.  It’s kind of funny because it sort of reminds me people who only play the lottery when it’s several millions dollars…because, you know, it wouldn’t be worth a dollar to win a measly million.  (I never play, btw, but I do sometimes find myself thinking maybe I should…when it’s a big number.)

I mean, really, a pound of fat lost is a pound of fat lost.  It’s a step in the right direction.  One thing that helps me put those one-pound weeks in perspective is this:

Butter.  Four sticks of butter or one average-sized tub is a full pound of fat.  That’s what fat looks like.  Four sticks of butter or one regular tub is roughly what I removed from my body in one week.  I want to lose a total of 95 lbs.  Can you imagine what ninety-five tubs of butter looks like?  That’s a lot of fat.

So is one pound.

Every bit of fat that I remove from my body is worth celebrating.  Even when it’s just one measly pound.  The visual tool of one pound of fat helps me keep my weight loss in perspective…even on weeks when I wish it were more.

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. I love your visual. And you are absolutely right…a pound lost is great. I have been needing some encouragement to keep working at this weight thing.

    I'll have to start visualizing those pounds of butter stacking up as the pounds come off.

    One pound at a time can make a big difference 3 months, 6 months and a year from now.

    Glad I found your blog today.
    [email protected]

  2. Hey, Kris!

    I got a scale this week, so now I can officially start with you. I meant to start, but hit a fibro flare that has lasted a while. But now, I've got my treadmill going, batteries in the scale, and huffing behind you.

    I'm extremely rotund and puffy. I need to lose 50 pounds. And that's the whole gist of it.

    Keep up the good work, hon. Even tenths count, right?

  3. Yay, Vee!! I'm glad to know you're with me. And, yes, tenths count…even though they're immensely frustrating sometimes. 😉

  4. I found your blog through WFMW…and I just wanted to leave a little note of encouragement. To lose 1 pound, you must have a 3500 calorie deficit…meaning you must expend 3500 MORE calories than you consume. 1 pounnd is a BIG deal! Be proud. Be very proud. Celebrate.

  5. That is a GREAT motivator. I'm going to set a lb of butter on my windowsill tomorrow for contemplation! 😛 🙂 THANK YOU!

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