Weekly Wrap-Up: The Curriculum Edition

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Happy Friday! Welcome to the annual “curriculum edition” of the Weekly Wrap-Up. This is your chance to show of your curriculum and see what others are using. Feel free to link-up to a previous post about your curriculum, if you’ve already done one, and add your regular Weekly Wrap-Up post, too.

I always host the curriculum edition on the day of our local curriculum fair, so while you’re oohing and ahhing at all the great stuff we’ll share online, I’ll be soaking up the essence of real, live, sparkly-new books and my fellow homeschool moms.

Don’t worry. I promise to enjoy it enough for all of us.

I shared all the curriculum that I know we’ll be using this year on my curriculum page. One of the big things on the agenda today is going to be figuring out what Brianna is going to be using this year.

After a big discussion between her, her Dad and me, we agreed that we need to get her away from the distraction and temptation of the computer during school. Also, she wants to be able to take some of her schoolwork with her when she works, so that she can use her breaks to finish anything that she didn’t finish at home.

I’m also sincerely hoping that letting her take a big role in the selection process will help her to take more ownership over her work. Hey, I can hope. So, while I thought I knew what she’d be doing this year, it’s now up in the air, other than math and writing. Hopefully, I’ll know by the end of the day.

Art Class

In other news, we’ve (Josh, Megan and I) added art and artist and composer study into our school day this week. We got the first DVD in the See the Light Art Class series to review, so we’ve been checking that out and we’re using Harmony Fine Arts study guides for artist and composer study.

We’ve been taking 20 minutes or so after lunch a couple of days a week for art. The lessons are short (for both art and artist/composer study), which is what we need. I was going to try to do the lessons on Friday afternoons, our light day, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we like our light days. Nobody – me included – really wants to add anything to our Friday, so short lessons a couple of days a week is what we’re trying instead.

Bernoulli's principal

Science was pretty cool yesterday. We’re talking about weather this unit – a little different than in the previous unit. This time we’re using the NOAA website and their online school for weather, Jetstream.

I’ve been a little iffy about it because some of it is hard for me to understand, so I’m really not sure how much the kids are getting out of it. Yesterday, though, we were talking about air pressure and their were several experiments to do. The kids really enjoyed them and understood how they worked. Success!

I released my second ebook yesterday, Homeschooling 101: Getting Your Homeschool off to a Great Start. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I hope you will.


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  1. Thanks for hosting this. I will try not to be jealous that you are at a real-life curriculum fair and instead enjoy the opportunity you have provided for me to attend a virtual one! Thanks Kris!

    1. It was worth being jealous of. 😉 I had so much fun. It’s like a big family reunion running into all my homeschool mom friends, many of whom I only see at the curriculum fair these days.

  2. Please let me know what you think of Art Class…trying to make my decisions for the next school year! It looks good from her site.

  3. How exciting to have your own book out. It really should come as now surprise to your readers, you write really well and always have good information and advice to give.

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