Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the new addition

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Happy Friday, y’all! Can you believe it’s the middle of November already?? Where has the year gone?

Weekly Wrap-Up

I hope y’all have all had a fantastic week. It’s been gloomy and cold here, so if you’ve had pretty weather, I hope you enjoyed it enough for me. And, if you’re in California near the wildfires, I’m praying for you!

What’s Happening in WUHS World

So, absolutely nothing has happened on the remodeling front this week. All of our supplies are in; we’re just waiting for the contractor to have an opening in his schedule. We’re supposed to talk to our project coordinator the Tuesday after Thanksgiving so hopefully, we’ll know something then.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, there won’t be a Weekly Wrap-Up next week, but I’ll catch you back here the following Friday.

We worked on getting the attic cleaned out this past weekend. So. Much. Stuff.

Our trash can was overflowing, and I listed a bunch of things on Facebook Marketplace. All of our Christmas decorations – and I do mean all of them, even the ones we haven’t used in years – are sitting in our living room. I’m thinking of just tossing a star on top and calling that our Christmas tree this year.

Even with all we moved out of the attic, we only got through about half of it. My beautiful bathroom is going to be worth it, though. That’s my mantra, anyway.

I acquired a new grand-dog this week. Josh has been wanting a dog for such a long time. We were trying to wait until our old lady {ahem} passed, but she seems to be in excellent health for a 16-year-old dog.

We finally decided what’s one more. So, last Friday, Josh brought Ada home.

She’s 4 months old, gorgeous, smart, and so incredibly sweet. Now, if we could just get her housebroken. {sigh}

Belle loves having a playmate. The cats could live without her, but everyone is adjusting.

From the Archives

Sure, next week in Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), but it’s also National Game and Puzzle week. Check out 10 Awesome Games for Guaranteed Family Fun and tell me some of your favorites.

With the holidays here (how did that happen so fast??) and the second semester looming, it may be time for you to take a homeschool teacher in-service day.

Fun Finds

Looking for some fun, Thanksgiving-themed activities for your kids this week? Download this free Turkey Scramble from All About Learning!

If you need a great Christmas give idea that’s FREE, enter to win an electric piano from Hoffman Academy! Hurry, though. The giveaway ends 11/18/18.

And, Udemy is having a fantastic Black Friday sale with courses starting at $9.99. This would be a great chance to stock up on some interest-led learning topics for the holiday break. The sale ends 11/25/18.

Udemy Black Friday Sale! Top Courses From $9.99

Surprisingly Social

I saw this one Facebook this week.

Oh, so true, y’all. Oh, so true.

In Case You Missed It

This week, I was over at Simple Homeschooling talking about how to give each of your kids one-on-one time without cloning yourself. Check it out and leave a comment with any tips you have.


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  1. Potty-training dogs and kids is the worst, I hope it clicks soon. Ada is adorable!

    My family has a tradition of the grandkids playing games in our grandmother’s spare bedroom while the “adults” cook. I’m the oldest grandchild and we started this when we were all much younger and I was trying to keep the little ones occupied. I’m now 32 and trying to keep my own kids occupied and out of the kitchen. We have lots of great memories from playing games together. Apparently we can’t handle Apples to Apples.

    1. I say yes way too often. Thankfully, my husband has more self-control than I do. Not that you’d know it by the number of animals currently living in our house.

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